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31 January 2009

1 Month down... :)

Well it is January 31, 2009. I have now officially been bread, pasta, potatoes & sugar free for 1 month (unfortunately though I did have HFCS in my mayo...learned that lesson).

But it's now been one month and I must say - this has got to be one of the absolute EASIEST "diets" I've ever followed that I seriously know will become my "way of eating" ...

1. I'm NEVER hungry - unlike low-fat diets where you almost HAD to feel those "hunger pains" to feel like it was working.

2. While I work out about 2 - 3 x per week, I'm not KILLING myself at the gym 5+x a week to make it feel like I'm "burning" all those calories away and not losing ANYTHING. :(

3. It's easy to go to restaurants now - other than saying no to the potato, lol.

4. I've only gotten "sick" twice this month - and in all honesty I think it's from too much fat...which is weird because I'm SUPPOSED to be eating fat...but oh well - two times in one month is SO much better than 4 x a week!!!

5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE eating REAL salad dressing instead of that plastic no-flavor nasty low-fat / fat free crap.

This Way Of Eating (woe) is just absolutely AWESOME and the funny thing is - I used to be one of those opponents of atkins, who would tell anyone who listened, "oh it's soooo bad for you. all that fat will clog your arteries, there's no WAY i could eat all that fat." you know all the things you've always heard about low-carb diets - but i'm a total and absolute convert and I must say I love love love it now!!! :)

I absolutely will continue this way for the rest of my life. I commit to that. And that's not saying that I'll NEVER have a potato again or brownies, because those things CAN be incorporated into this WOE but much later down the road.

Plus, there's a ton of no-flour no-sugar recipes out there that I CAN have that are probably just as good.

Well again, I'm 8 pounds down and I have 28 pounds to go. I know I won't lose 8 pounds per month - but if I could even do just 5 pounds per MONTH I'd be sooo happy! :) IF that becomes the case, I'll hit my goal in 6 months - July. I can deal with that - by then it'll really be time to start planning the wedding and damnit, I WILL be in a BEAUTIFUL dress that when I look in the mirror, and see pictures I LOVE myself and the weight i'll be at! :)

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