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25 March 2009

Low Fat lies 25/March/2009

Ok. So this may end up being just my personal opinion...but lately I've begun to get pissed about low-fat diets.

For example - last night I was watching The Biggest Loser on NBC like I do every Tuesday. I absolutely LOVE this show...but there was a segment where Bob (the trainer) was showing two of the contestents how to grill out and do it "low-fat"...he showed them a 98% fat free loin that DID look declicious - and I must say I'd TOTALLY eat - but after he made the kebobs (with mushrooms, peppers, onions and the meat) he was all, "now you can grill out without all the fat".

Now - I DO know and totally understand that FAT FREE / LOW FAT is the "mainstream" - and has been for the longest time - but really? Now that I've educated myself as well as physically SHOWN myself that eating fat IS good for you - it actually pisses me off that everyone out there DOES listen to the lie that "low fat / fat free" is the way to go. # 1 it really is SO incredibly unhealthy because - normally - fat free specifically usually means SO much added sugar. Low-Fat usually has added sugar too...and we all know that when you take away something you HAVE to ad something else to it.

so - when you take away FAT - you are left with carbs and sugar. it's absolutely MADDENING.
I know - for HALF if not ALL of my life - i've lived the "low-fat lie" myself because I didn't know better and that's what EVERYONE does - but now that I DO know better it really pisses me off to see all these people who think that eating "fat free" or "low fat" foods is healthy!!!!!!

ok, just needed to rant. more later.

22 March 2009

14 pounds down!!!! 22/March/2009

woohoo!!!!!!! I lost another 1.5 pounds this week!

I got on the scale this morning and 182 is what I saw! I am sooooo freakin' excited it's not even funny - I mean seriously - I have NEVER EVER EVER been on a "diet" where I didn't feel like I was "dieting"!!

It's rally funny, though, that I always used to be the hugest proponent I knew AGAINST the atkins/low carb diets and yet - Atkins is what's saving my life. Seriously.

And what I LOVE about eating low-carb?...

1. I don't have to weigh and measure everything. On weight watchers, I needed to know exactly the cup/tbsp, oz/gram, etc...of what I was making - and it actually made mealtimes dreadful - whereas now I can just make a recipe - and eat how much i need to feel SATISFIED and not just how much I can "afford" points wise.

2. Fat tastes wonderful!!! Ok, so while I'm still getting used to the taste of fat (i know i don't need to go crazy and buy the fattiest meat, which I don't) - just eating regular butter and regular mayo and all that stuff is AWESOME!!! 

I also get to eat nuts without ANY guilt! 

I can also have FULL FAT salad dressings and not those nasty fat free ones I used to convince myself I liked.

I can have avocados without guilt!

I can use olive oil and not have to measure out exactly 1 tbsp - or worry about adding it to my "points"...

Full fat cheese - compared to that NASTY fat free processed shit.

3. I can eat without feeling guilty!!! One of my biggest pet peeves of a low-fat diet is no matter what - even sometimes when eating a "healthy" low fat meal - you almost felt "guilty" for eating. I know a lot of it was going over points for the day "oh well - I screwed up - might as well chuck it all" which I know is insane - but that's how so many people think. Whereas now - no guilt!

4. I finally feel like I know what I'm doing!! haha. that's a funny one - but it's awesome cuz for sooooo long I've been looking for that "magic pill" and who hasn't?...but I finally found a true "woe" (way of eating) that I SIMPLE and something I CAN truly honestly do for LIFE!!!!!
I quit journaling a few weeks ago - and I'm STILL losing weight because I know what I'm doing! :P

5. I'm not constantly hungry. Eating fat for breakfast and lunch actually keeps me satiated througout the day and I don't find myself starving.

6. I'm actually burning fat! When i go to the gym, I know that what I'm doing is actually burning fat off of my body and not just burning the cookies off I had earlier...

7. No Cravings. I easily see all of the chocolates at the cash register and don't feel the "need" to eat one.

8. No more processed foods!!! I love the fact that about 93% of what I eat is NOT processed! I also COMPLETELY stay away from high fructose corn syrup...I know when i was on weight watchers - it didn't matter how processed something was or what the ingredients were - as long as the points were low, that's ALL that mattered...and the difference is AWESOME as far as flavor goes!

9. we're saving money! Our grocery bill has actually gone DOWN because we're no longer buying a lot of junk and pretty much only real foods - we've gone from about $150 / week down to about $100

I could go on and on but really - I couldn't be happier with my eating and exercise and I finally feel "good" about what I'm doing instead of constantly trying to "fix" what I feel is "wrong"...or trying to find a new way of eating - I HAVE found it - it's FABULOUS!!!!

Plus - I'm wearing jeans that I haven't worn in YEARS! my size 13 jeans fit COMFORTABLY and I just KNOW that those size 11 slacks in my closet, which I wore when I was 160 pounds - WILL FIT AGAIN!!! I've also got three skirts in there I can't WAIT to wear which will fit too!

I just can't say enough - it's awesome!!! 160 lbs, here I come!!!!!!

19 March 2009

Frustration and Induction 19/March/2009

Ok - so it has been 2.5 months now and I'm still at 184. That is what I weighed in at this morning - last night - last weekend...

I will admit - I AM ecstatic that i'm DOWN those 12 pounds - but at the same time, I'm very frustrated...The first week of March I was in the gym 5 days. Last week (second week) I had that "tom" and granted, didn't go - but this week, the third week - i've been back at the gym full force 3 times and i plan on making tonight my 4th time this week.

I'm honestly beginning to reallllly think about cutting out splenda / sweetness all together - which also includes my hot tea in the morning as well as my iced tea with lemon when I go out.

This will be hard - but I have to do SOMETHING. I'm SO close to being back in the 170's I can taste it - but at the same time it feels SOOO far away. :(

Now, one AWESOME thing is that I AM fitting into my two pair of size 13 juniors jeans again - which is AWESOME - but that scale won't budge.

I truly am beginning to think - for me - i'm so incredibly "insulin resistant" / have metobolic syndrome so bad that even the taste of sweet (whether it's got sugar or not) raises my insulin and becase of that I'm having a hard time actually LOSING the weight.

And that sucks because I LIKE all my splenda/liquid syrups but those might be making me stall.
Same with the almonds. I've moved up to the nuts ring - but I think I need to move back down to induction. At least for a week and see how that pans out. I want to try and go as "sweet free" as possible ofr Monday March 22 - Saturday march 28 and see if that helps - also with working out 5 times/week, obviously.

Now, they say that 3500 calories = 1 pound. I average only 500 calories burned per workout...and 5 days is ONLY 2500 calories, not I'm going to have to up that by 200 calories a day - meaning I will have to do BOTH cardio AND resistance next week 5 x week.

I'm also going to go back to journaling religiously everything that goes in my mouth next week and figure out the protein/carbs/fat percentages.

well that is all as I need to get back to work.

I also plan on posting new pics soon.


17 March 2009

Happy St. Patty's Day!!! 17/March/2009

Well, it's been a while since I've blogged - I know I really do WANT to blog more, but i'm lazy. lol.

One big update - while, for some reason - i'm not actually losing numbers on the scale, I AM wearing my size 13's in juniors again!!!! I am SO incredibly excited. I wore a pair yesterday to work which fit PERFECTLY and VERY comfortable. Today I'm wearing a pair that are also comfortable, compared to the fact that when i last tried them on, there was a good inch between the button and the button hole - but they're fitting too! :)

very excited.

Last week I didn't get any exercise in cuz of "tom"...but the week before I DID get in 5 days and this week I vow to as well (2 days down already!) - i'm involved in a 6 week 5 day/week exercise challenge on the addb board. I KNOW I will be back down to 160 this year and damnit - i WILL be a thin bride! :P

ok, well i will blog more later!

c-z ya!

07 March 2009

Saturday 07/March/2009

ok - so it's been a while since i've blogged - I've changed my ways a bit (although NOT my low-carb ways!)...but i'm now trying to keep track of my food/carb intake in an old weight watchers journal that I found that fits perfectly in my purse. I also FINALLY found a fabulous way to keep track of my gym stuff too (basically a yearly planner that fits in my purse).

So. I am thinking, from now on, I would like to really "blog" instead of just saying what my day was about, blah blah blah - but actually blog about things on my mind (as far as low carb living goes).

I have a few new foods I tried this past week and I took some pictures - but I need to find the time when i'm not feeling lazy to upload them and blog about 'em.
One was a pizza (ohmygod awesome!!!)

and this morning I made myself a whey protein pancake. It was VERY good - but the one thing that sucks about the pancake is that the syrup I used has sorbitol in it (13 g 'carbs/sorbitol' per 1/4 cup) - so I used 2 tbsp - counted 6 carbs.

Today we are going to pick up the newest member of our family - a Golden Retriever/Golden Lab mix puppy - she's about 3 - 4 months old and was rescued from a puppy mill. :(
So we're gonna REALLY have to show this lil girl a LOT of love.
But i'm excited and I think Petey (our pug) will be good with her.

a'right well, that is all - ttyl!!