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07 March 2009

Saturday 07/March/2009

ok - so it's been a while since i've blogged - I've changed my ways a bit (although NOT my low-carb ways!)...but i'm now trying to keep track of my food/carb intake in an old weight watchers journal that I found that fits perfectly in my purse. I also FINALLY found a fabulous way to keep track of my gym stuff too (basically a yearly planner that fits in my purse).

So. I am thinking, from now on, I would like to really "blog" instead of just saying what my day was about, blah blah blah - but actually blog about things on my mind (as far as low carb living goes).

I have a few new foods I tried this past week and I took some pictures - but I need to find the time when i'm not feeling lazy to upload them and blog about 'em.
One was a pizza (ohmygod awesome!!!)

and this morning I made myself a whey protein pancake. It was VERY good - but the one thing that sucks about the pancake is that the syrup I used has sorbitol in it (13 g 'carbs/sorbitol' per 1/4 cup) - so I used 2 tbsp - counted 6 carbs.

Today we are going to pick up the newest member of our family - a Golden Retriever/Golden Lab mix puppy - she's about 3 - 4 months old and was rescued from a puppy mill. :(
So we're gonna REALLY have to show this lil girl a LOT of love.
But i'm excited and I think Petey (our pug) will be good with her.

a'right well, that is all - ttyl!!

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