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26 February 2009


Ok - so I FINALLY got on a scale yesterday. It wasn't HORRIBLE but it wasn't great either! :(...

I am trying to be as absolutely positive about it as possible though. :)

I got on the scale and it said 186. When I last weighed in on February 1st it said 188. Now - that IS two pounds - and the way I see it, had I NOT changed my ways of eating 2 months ago, I could have GAINED two pounds - easily....but - since I HAVE changed my lifestyle to be a low-carb lifestyle, I am down a TOTAL of 10 pounds! That is FABULOUS!!! ya know?

PLUS - the month of february is 4 weeks exactly. The first week of february I ONLY exercised on Thursday the 5th. The second week was great and I went to the gym Sunday the 8th, Tuesday the 10th, Thursday the 12th and Saturday the 14th...but then Sunday the 15th I woke up sick. :( and I stayed sick all that week...then Saturday the 21st I was feeling a bit better, but we were so darn busy I didn't get a chance to go to the gym. Same thing that Sunday - we ended up being so incredibly busy...Tuesday the 24th I actually went to the gym but forgot my gym shorts so I went home without exercising....

Last night - the 25th, I DID go and got a good workout in - but now, in 4 weeks that ONLY amounts to 6 total days out of 24 that I've worked out. So a 2 pound loss for that time frame is pretty good.

I am beginning to think, though, that I should change my name to "turtle"! seriously!...I am wondering if - all the years of "yo-yo" dieting has TOTALLY messed up my metabolism and THAT is why I am losing so slowly...if that is - that sucks - but I understand.

On the bright side - IF I tend to lose 1 pound a week - in 1 year, that'll be 52 pounds! Now, granted - I don't have 52 pounds to lose - I only really want to get back down to 160 which, from where I'm at now is 26 pounds - not 52...But I'd be happy getting to my goal mid summer. :)

By that time I can start looking for my wedding dress!

But anyways - 3 more days and a new month is ahead of us. First off, March means the beginning of Spring - which I can NOT begin to tell you how much I need winter to end.

But I think - for this upcoming week, I am going to cut out cheese. Or at least cut it down to ONLY once a day - if that. I want to see if that'll help - as the atkins book says that cheese can make people stall sometimes...

But one thing I DO know for sure is I absolutely LOVE living the low carb life. Seriously - I mean, c'mon - in 2 months I've LOST 10 pounds and didn't GAIN 10 pounds!
My clothes are fitting SO much better.
I FEEL fabulous...
and - I just KNOW now that THIS is the way I was meant to nourish my body.

more later!

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