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28 September 2009

Would you like some cheese with that WHINE!!???

Ok - so I'm in need of a "whining" session. Sometimes I just want to scream and throw a tantrum like I'm a 2 year old in walmart.

I've posted many times about how much I absolutely LOVE my low-carb way of eating. I'm very happy that I've finally found what works in order to keep myself healthy and thin. I love how tasty this way of life is. I love how EASY this way of life is - in terms of NOT having to count anything anymore and worry about gaining weight, as long as I eat the things I know will not spike my insulin and make me fat...

However - that being said - i HATE the fact that I can't just eat WHATEVER I want. I HATE the fact that I can't go to Buffalo Wild Wings and get what I used to get...
Boneless (breaded) buffalo wings with a side order of cheesy buffalo chips (fried potatoes) & a beer.

I HATE the fact that I can't have oreos & milk at night like I used to.

It's not fair that I feel like I'm walking on eggshells just to keep my weight down.
The thing is - I'm so freakin' carb sensitive that even ONE "cheat meal" makes me gain weight. I do have them once in a blue moon - but I know I must get right back on track immediately or else I will gain all my weight back.

That's just it about my woe/lifestyle. I feel very fortunate to have FINALLY found what works - and I KNOW it's just that - in this day and age of convenience and fast food - in order to keep my weight down and stay healthy, I can't partake in convenience foods.

And that's something else that sucks, because I work 40+ hours 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. and dangdit I want convenience! :P

BUT - with all of that whining said...the pros totally outweigh the cons.

Here are th cons I feel first...

CONS of Low-Carb Living:
  • Can't eat whatever I want, when I want.
  • I totally admit that I miss certain foods I can't eat anymore.
  • There are no "convenience" meals on this woe and everything has to be prepared in advance for lunch, or I spend $$ that I don't have to go out...
  • I can't eat how I used to in a pinch - specifically I can't just make a baked tater every single night for dinner...taters are too high in starch. :(
  • When I go out to eat, there's honestly only a FEW options that I can choose off of most menus

Pros of Low-Carb living:
  • I don't have to count any calories, points, fat grams, carbs, it is SO easy to know what to eat and what not to eat!
  • When I go out to a resteraunt, I can eat a YUMMY steak and vegee and not feel guilty over the steak - and instead feel satisfied and satiated!
  • Being 'allowed' to eat real fat and not being afraid of it!
  • Fat really flavors food!!!
  • I don't have to try at all anymore to actually LOSE weight. Maintaining my weight is a freakin' BREEZE (as long as I eat low-carb...)
  • Eating Low-Carb has really upped my interest in cooking and always finding new recipes to try...
  • In trying new recipes - I don't have to weigh/measure everything to make sure I know exactly how many calories/fat/points/carbs, in what I'm making.
  • I have been introduced to tons of new foods I'd have never tried in the past such as almond/nut flours, jicama, cherry tomatoes (I used to hate these, now I love them!)
  • I can eat nuts without feeling guilty!

So yeah...I could go on and on and on with the pros of this lifestyle - and THAT'S what keeps me going. Does it suck to think of the cons? Yes - there's no question...Do I miss junk food / convenience foods / chips, cookies, brownies, etc?...You bet your butt I do!
BUT again - it's not worth it. And I know that. That's the difference...

One of my favorite quotes ever is:
"Nothing worth doing ever came easy."

Ok - that is all. Just felt the need to whine! :P

20 September 2009

Coconut Oil Candy

Ok - so my latest recipe to try is coconut oil fudge. I decided to make them in candy molds to make them easier.

I found this recipe on the LowCarbFriends message board. I don't have the actual link to the post - but here is the recipe (tweaked to my own liking)

Chocolate Macadamia Nut Fudge:
4 T melted C Oil
3 squares of premium baking chocolate, melted (I used 85% Lindt Chocolate)
3 T of ground flax seeds
2 T of shredded coconut
Scoop of PP (I used Greens/Whey vanilla PP)
2 packets truvia
Whole Macadamia Nuts

I got 24 pieces

Melt the chocolate squares first - about 1 minute 30 seconds (I usually freeze mine so that's why so long - check your chocolate every 20 seconds or so...)
Add the coconut oil when there's about 20 seconds left and melt for another 20 seconds
Add the flax, coconut, protein powder & truvia - mix well.

In the candy molds, place 1 macadamia nut in each mold. Pour chocolate into each mold over the nuts.

Place mold in fridge for a few hours. Once solidified, take out and place in an airtight container. Keep in fridge or freezer as coconut oil melts at room temp.

Carb Count:
4 T melted C Oil (56 g fat, 0 g carbs)
3 squares of premium baking chocolate, melted (I used 85% Lindt Chocolate) (18 g fat, 5 g net carbs)
3 T of ground flax seeds (6.75 g fat, 2 g net carbs)
2 T of shredded coconut (9 g fat, 1.5 g net carbs)
Scoop of PP (I used Greens/Whey vanilla PP) (.5 g fat, 1 g fat)
2 packets truvia (1 g carbs)
Whole Macadamia Nuts - 24 (40 g fat, 2 g carbs)

total fat = 131.25
total carbs = 11.5 g carbs
24 pieces = 5.5 g fat & .5 g carbs per piece

14 September 2009

Off Topic: Very Sad Day...

Well - I thought today was actually a good day - as my mom called me this morning and told me my brother, who was hit by the economy like everyone else - has been unemployed for MONTHS - almost this entire year...finally got a job! I've been praying for him to get one (specially since he and his wife have a 1 year old). I was so very happy!!

But now.Today. 14 September 2009 - Patrick Swazye passed away from cancer at the age of 57. :(

I absolutely LOVED Dirty Dancing and hands down it is my absolute most favorite movie of ALL time. I know it by heart (literally used to be able to recite every word)...and have honest to god seen it THOUSANDS of times...I used to watch it and keep it on repeat (once I got the DVD, lol)

I remember the very first time I saw it, I was 8 years old. I was spending the night at my aunt's house - who was already a huge Patrick Swayze fan (as I was 8 but she was in her late 30's...). My mom told me I was way too young to watch it - but Aunt Linda brought it home (on VHS of course) and hooked up the two vcr's together to tape it for me...and I had that VHS copy until I broke it from watching it too many times! (probably when I was 18 or so...) and I bought the original DVD when it first came out - then I bought the special edition DVD too. And I even bought the Dirty Dancing 2 movie (which wasn't too bad)...but Patrick was in it.

I almost feel like a part of my childhood is gone now. :(

I know he has been very sick though, and I am happy that he is no longer in pain. Very sad day indeed.

Rest in peace, Johnny Castle. :)

04 September 2009

Pizza & Beer on Atkins!!

Yup - you heard that right - Pizza & Beer!

Nope - it's not store order to enjoy those types of foods, I have realized I have to home make them...

The beer is storebought (I LOVE my michelob ultras - at 2.6 g carbs per beer!)

But I have found the absolute BEST pizza crust.
I won't type out the recipe (as it's not mine), but the link to the most fabulous low-carb recipe site is here - Linda's Low-Carb Recipes. The pizza crust I used is Most Awesome Pizza Crust.

As for the sauce, I home made that too. I used a fabulous recipe I found on entitled "Pizzaria Pizza Sauce".

The only difference I made, however, is I didn't use any sugar - the wine makes it sweet enough.

On this pizza I am showing here, I used:
pizza sauce
sausage (range-free pork)
mozzarella cheese, shredded from a block of cheese
sliced roma tomatoes
diced yellow peppers

and omg it was FABULOUS!!! the crust, if made by the directions exactly is SO crispy and easily held!


The carb count for this is as follows:
Crust = 6 g net carbs (8 g fiber) - remember, I doubled the recipe...
Sauce = 4 g carbs per 2 tbsp
cheese = 2 g carbs per 2 oz
1 sliced roma tomoato = 2 g carbs
diced yellow pepper = 2 g carbs
TOTAL = 16 g carbs (a little high, but I'm close to maintanance)

remember, depending on the toppings the carb count will vary.

But 19 total carbs for pizza AND beer??? I think I can handle that! :)

And, while it may look a little small compared to most serving sizes people are used to, remember, all the fiber in the flax seed will fill you up! I didn't need or want anymore after this meal - it fit the bill perfectly and I was absolutely 100% satisfied.

03 September 2009

Waffles - Low Carb Style :D

ok - so for my birthday i got the George Foreman Next Grilleration G5 grill - and I freakin' LOVE it!

I usually make pancakes on the weekends - my fiance's out of a box and mine, home-made. I want to share those with you now. :)

The syrup I use is Vermont Sugar Free Syrup

Here is the recipe:
(I double mine to fit in the grill - literally just double each ingredient otherwise, here it is "normal"...)

5 tbsp almond flour (need to use bob's red mill) - 6 carbs / 3 fiber = 3 net carbs
1 tbsp sour cream = .5 g carbs
1 tbsp so delicious coconut milk (unsweetened) (can use regular milk or water) = 0 g
1 tbsp chia seeds (optional, I use to add more fiber)
1/2 tsp baking powder = 1 g carbs
1 tsp oil (I use coconut, but can use any)
1 tsp Da Vinci Syrup - any flavor OR 1 packet of splenda + 1/4 tsp vanilla = 0 for da vinci, 1 for splenda

TOTAL = 4.5 g carbs and with chia seeds, tons of fiber! :)

Combine all ingredients and cook on griddle or skillet for pancakes or for waffles, use a waffle iron.