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26 February 2009


Ok - so I FINALLY got on a scale yesterday. It wasn't HORRIBLE but it wasn't great either! :(...

I am trying to be as absolutely positive about it as possible though. :)

I got on the scale and it said 186. When I last weighed in on February 1st it said 188. Now - that IS two pounds - and the way I see it, had I NOT changed my ways of eating 2 months ago, I could have GAINED two pounds - easily....but - since I HAVE changed my lifestyle to be a low-carb lifestyle, I am down a TOTAL of 10 pounds! That is FABULOUS!!! ya know?

PLUS - the month of february is 4 weeks exactly. The first week of february I ONLY exercised on Thursday the 5th. The second week was great and I went to the gym Sunday the 8th, Tuesday the 10th, Thursday the 12th and Saturday the 14th...but then Sunday the 15th I woke up sick. :( and I stayed sick all that week...then Saturday the 21st I was feeling a bit better, but we were so darn busy I didn't get a chance to go to the gym. Same thing that Sunday - we ended up being so incredibly busy...Tuesday the 24th I actually went to the gym but forgot my gym shorts so I went home without exercising....

Last night - the 25th, I DID go and got a good workout in - but now, in 4 weeks that ONLY amounts to 6 total days out of 24 that I've worked out. So a 2 pound loss for that time frame is pretty good.

I am beginning to think, though, that I should change my name to "turtle"! seriously!...I am wondering if - all the years of "yo-yo" dieting has TOTALLY messed up my metabolism and THAT is why I am losing so slowly...if that is - that sucks - but I understand.

On the bright side - IF I tend to lose 1 pound a week - in 1 year, that'll be 52 pounds! Now, granted - I don't have 52 pounds to lose - I only really want to get back down to 160 which, from where I'm at now is 26 pounds - not 52...But I'd be happy getting to my goal mid summer. :)

By that time I can start looking for my wedding dress!

But anyways - 3 more days and a new month is ahead of us. First off, March means the beginning of Spring - which I can NOT begin to tell you how much I need winter to end.

But I think - for this upcoming week, I am going to cut out cheese. Or at least cut it down to ONLY once a day - if that. I want to see if that'll help - as the atkins book says that cheese can make people stall sometimes...

But one thing I DO know for sure is I absolutely LOVE living the low carb life. Seriously - I mean, c'mon - in 2 months I've LOST 10 pounds and didn't GAIN 10 pounds!
My clothes are fitting SO much better.
I FEEL fabulous...
and - I just KNOW now that THIS is the way I was meant to nourish my body.

more later!

25 February 2009

Restaurants & Grocery Stores...

Ok, right now I'm only going to quickly blog about restaurants and I will come back about grocery stores...

I just wanted to far as going "low carb" - something I've noticed about restaurants is this...
You go to a restaurant and you see that they have FABULOUS steaks and fish and items you can eat on a low carb diet. However. Then it'll say, on top of the 'entrees' page...somethingl ike this:
"All entrees served with house salad and your choice of side:dirty mashed potatoes, daily wood-fired roasted potatoes, garden rice or our roasted vegetable of the day."

So - basically if you want one of their MEAT entrees, you have the choice of THREE different types of starches and then "our roasted vegetable of the day"...and SOMETIMES that is a starch as well (not always, but sometimes)...
And I don't know, but I think it's almost UNFAIR that people who CAN eat potatoes or rice have the choice between those three items OR the vegee - whereas people who CAN'T eat potatoes or rice ONLY get the choice of the "roasted vegetable of the day".

That just sucks.

that is all - more to talk about grocery stores later!

24 February 2009


Ok. So I think I've decided - for this week only (maybe?) I will NOT be journaling my food intake.

why? well - as much as i DO like it - I want to see if I can make good choices and not "obsess" over journaling the way I normally do. I have not weighed myself now since Feb 1 - that's 3.5 weeks ago - and I DIDN'T plan on doing it again until next sunday (march 1) but I have a doc's appointment tomorrow and I'm having my blood work done again and I know they'll weigh me - so I will know tomorrow what I last time I weighed - end of january - i was 188.

In all honestly - I'd be ecstatic with 183 and happy with 184. That would be a 4 or 5 pound loss in 3.5 weeks. We shall see! :)

but by NOT journaling - and learning my weight tomorrow, I will still weigh on sunday to see if i've changed in 4 days of not journaling.

we shall see!

22 February 2009

Sunday February 22, just sucks for some reason...

Ok - I don't know why it does - maybe i'm feeling lonely because dan's at work today? I really don't know - but we woke up around 11 (late night last night) - he made me breakfast and then he left for I watched some tv and then decided to figure out what i was gonna do at the gym - but I ended up not going to the gym because I just felt 'blah' like seriously depressed for some weird idea why - just sad and depressed. :(

My best friend, Jenn called me up and asked if I wanted to go meet her at a scrapbooking store - and so I did that - but got back and I'm just still in a funk. ugh.

don't know.?? 

anyways though - i'm still eating right and I really feel like I'm losing some. :)

anyways - dan's home with lunch so more later. 

it's snowing outside but ti's sunny. :)

17 February 2009


i called in sick to work today. my head is so stuffy. and i can't take my nyquil cuz there's 19 grams of carbs and 13 grams of sugar!!!!!!!

I'm going to go look today and see what i can find withOUT sugar in it...
so yesterday i put all my food intake into the daily and it really is still SO mind blowing that i can have all this FAT and LOSE weight!!!

I only had 1205 calories total (which that surprised me as well) and I burned 220 from the boxing dvd i have in the basement - fat wise I had 76 g total fat & 25 g carbs w/7 g fiber (so 18 grams of net carbs) and 89 grams of protein.

wow. just wow. yet my clothes fit FABULOUS!!

16 February 2009

Quick Post - Common Cold / Didn't work out / new notch on belt!

Quick post as i have a lot of work today. :)

Well - I woke up yesterday morning, Sunday th 15th with a cold. :(

So - because i felt like crap all day I didn't get my sunday work out in. That sucks. BUT I did go and buy myself a 40 pound heavy bag which is now in the basement!!!! So hopefully I'll feel a bit better tonight in order to use it and get a good boxing work out in. :)

One thing that sucks, though, is I bought some Nyquil like I ALWAYS do for colds and AFTER I took it last night, out of curiousity I looked at the ingredients...and yup - right there - in freakin' NYQUIL - HFCS. High. Fructose. Corn. Shit (syrup).

that freakin' SUCKS!! :(

oh well just ANOTHER lesson learned.

Now - this morning when I got dressed, I put my belt on and still only used it to the 3rd notch (which, when i FIRST bought this belt, I could only use the 1st notch!!!)...
Well, when i got to work and went to the washroom, I actually decided to try the 4th notch and low and behold - it fits and it's COMFORTABLE!!! WOOOOOHOOOO another notch on the belt!!!!

Two more weeks and I'll be able to get on that scale! On January 31st, the scale said 188.
What I'm HOPING for is at LEAST 183. 5 pounds this month would freakin' ROCK!!!!! :)

That is all - more later.

14 February 2009

I posted this on the atkins diet bulletin board...

and I have to share here too:

I kicked ASS tonight at dinner!!!!!

and I kicked ***! 

So we (my fiance and I) went out for dinner with his parents (it's their anniversary) and his brother and brother's wife.

We went out to Bucca Di Beppo. For those who don't know - Bucca Di Beppo is ALL italian. I looked online first and decided on the "Chicken Saltimbocca" as THIS is what it says:

CHICKEN SALTIMBOCCA Sautéed chicken breasts layered with fresh sage and prosciutto, topped with artichoke hearts, our lemon butter sauce and capers.

Sounds PERFECT for atkins - right?...well - first off, I have to say - I didn't TOUCH the bread and oil they brought out (i LOVE bread with dipping oil...)

I had a good amount of the salad and then my dinner came out. First off there was only ONE chicken breast - even though it says breasts AND there was linguini on the plate! the menu didn't mention ANYTHING about any type of pasta with that dish! 
And I didn't feel like sending it back, so instead I immediately asked for a box and placed the pasta in the box and gave it to his parents to take home.

So I had ONE piece of chicken - which WAS yummy - but only ONE piece. 

However...his brother and sister-in-law got the stuffed Chicken Pesto dish and they got the large size to share - so there was three huge pieces of chicken...his brother's wife only had one of them and so he offered me half of the last one and while it WAS breaded, i tore all the breading off and had it with the pesto (which was AWESOME) and btw, it was only stuffed with some prosciutto. but it was VERY yummy...

so anyways NEXT up... - his bro's wife's birthday is next saturday and it said you could get a free cake if your birthday is within 7 days AND also get cake if your anniversary is, of course - she asked for the cake AND his parents got cake too.

they brought out two plates with FOUR huge pieces of Red Velvet cake - my absolute FAVORITE EVER flavor of cake. 

And, of course, they brought enough plates for everyone to share - and she gave me a plate and kept saying, "oh c'mon ONE bite won't hurt"...but NOPE. I did NOT give in. And I told her that. PLUS - my fiance kept having to tell his parents the reason i WASN'T eating the bread or the pasta or the cake is that i'm NOT diabetic yet - but I'm doing all I can to NOT be diabetic (i love him so muchh!!! )

he did tell me, too - after they all left and we were on our way home - his father (who, sorry to say, can be an idiot sometimes) after dan kept telling him that the reason I wasn't eating any of that stuff is that I don't want to end UP diabetic - his father said - i kid you not - "the food you eat doesn't make you diabetic" just wow.  

but yeah. I was faced with bread & dipping oil, pasta AND Red Velvet cake - which apparently had REAL whip cream as the icing...

AND family members saying "oh c'mon...ONE bite won't hurt" - and Ya know what I did?...
I didn't touch ANY of it!!!!!!

it wasn't worth it and I knew that. PLUS i realized that what I DID have was VERY satisfying and - unlike probably 98% of people that ate there tonight - I wasn't leaving STUFFED and MISERABLE. I had a FABULOUS valentine's day! 

12 February 2009

AAAAAAAAAACK!!!! had a 37.5 g carb day yesterday!!

ugh. yeah - so that sucks. No idea why - just did. Now, granted, TOM is here this week - so that COULD have a lot to do with it, but wow. 37.5 grams of carbs. ugh.

well - today is a new day and I will not let yesterday deter me. It was ONE day out of 40 days that I went that high. It COULD have been a lot worse. I COULD have gone for the ding dongs in the cabinet, but I didn't. It was all "low-carb" foods - just too many and I shouldn't have done it. But I did and now it's time to move on and say "hey, i'm human, I had ONE bad day".

I will NOT flatten the other 3 tires just because I had 1 flat...

I'm not even going to say that I'm "back on plan" because I have made this my lifestyle and I had one "off day" and that's ok.

Tonight is a gym night - I will do legs tonight and spinning too. I really love the spinning class there at LA fitness. The cardio machines up on the loft there are always WAAAAY too full and it's a pain to find the one I feel like doing. So tonight is legs and spinning! yay! :D

11 February 2009

UGH...confession time.

yeah. ugh. i'm typing this literally 10 minutes after i did it.
i binged. granted, it was a very small binge and ONLY 10 carbs worth...BUT i don't know why i just felt like eating...I WAS only going to have a "slice" of flax bread with some natural peanut butter and blueberries...but once i ate it i SOOOO wanted some milk so i had some mozzarella cheese - then i felt like having guacamole and had to have that with some pork rinds...

and now. ugh. :(

oh well though. i'm here - i'm confessing and it's passed. 1 "bad" thing in what - 40 days now? That's pretty damn good. All-be-it, bad.

At least all the food WAS low carb and TECHNICALLY "legal" on atkins...problem is i'm ONLY on rung 2 of owl - which is dairy. nuts and seeds (for the peanut butter) isn't until rung 3 and berries isn't until rung 4.

oh well. it's done. it's over and it's a lesson learned.


10 February 2009

Valentine's Day dress...

Ok - so Friday Dan and I are going out to Peterson's which is a very expensive Steak & Seafood place here in Indy...then on Saturday we are going to Bucca Di Beppo with his Brother, Sister-in-law and his parents (it's their anniversary)...

Thing is, I tried on my "little black dress" that I realllllly wanted to wear - and while it "fits" - meaning I can put it's very tight. :(

I really shouldn't wear it until I hit about 170 lbs.

But at least it's something to look forward too!

I went to spinning class tonight at the gym and it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is all. later!

Positive Re-enforcement

quick and short blog:

So one of the girls at work today told me she can totally tell that I'm losing weight.

I LOVE hearing that from people - it just makes me feel so awesome!

3 more weeks until I can get on that scale. It's SO hard not to check now. but I won't!

more later!

08 February 2009


Ok, so I went and bought a little thing of powdered L-Glutamine. This is to help out with making sure I don't lose all the benefits from resistance training.

Here is information on WHY L-Glutamine is a great choice!

off to the Vitamin Shoppe for one more....

Ok - so last night I was reading more on vitamins and I believe there is ONE more that I would like to start taking.

The Vitamin L-Glutamine. Aside from MANY great reasons to take it - the main two are this:

Exercise recovery: As stated before, L-glutamine will repair and preserve muscle tissue. Since exercise can cause microscopic tears in the muscles, which is needed to improve strength and endurance, your body will increase its demands on L-glutamine. Taking a supplement will help your body build more muscle instead of breaking tissue down for energy.

SUGAR CRAVINGS: According to Dr. Atkins’ book, Vita-Nutrient Solution (page 169), he states that when a “sugar urge emerges, take 1-2 grams of L-glutamine, preferably with some heavy cream and just a touch of nonsugar sweetener.” The immediate desire to eat something sweet will pass.” 

So I def. think this one will help - especially for the exercise recovery.

Speaking OF exercise, I am a little upset that I didn't get to go to the gym yesterday - but it's cool - my parents were here and it took FOREVER for the windows guy to get to our house (just to tell us it's too damn expensive and we can't afford new windows...)

But I really wanted to start the "STTS" workout plan - "Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday"
but - then again - I'd only just decided that on wednesday so last Sunday and Tuesday was already

But this week is a brand new week. So, asides from cardio (which I will start doing 10 minutes of warm up + 20 minutes of 'hard' cardio after my resistance training) - I plan on really focusing on resistance training.  I got a lot of GREAT ideas from that I am going to be using when I go now...I love that I've finally found "plans" on what to do when I go to the gym instead of going and not really knowing what to do.

A'ight that's all for now. Later!

07 February 2009

Weber Grill, dessert and a MALL!

Ok - so my parents came in to town today and we went downtown to the Circle Center mall and went to the Weber Grill for dinner. I had a very yummy Grilled Chicken with sundried tomatoes and spinach on the side. What sucked, though, was the bread basket on the table - which I did NOT touch but ooooooooh so wanted one.  Unlike the other couple of times we've gone out - this time was much harder NOT to touch the bread basket. But I didn't do it. :)
Also - Dan had a beer - which looked REALLY good...and my mom ordered dessert that she and my dad shared - but it was this "trio" of desserts - a chocolate cake with hot fudge - a little tiny piece of key lime pie - and some apple pie - and OHHHHHHHHHHHH my god did I want some! but nope. I didn't even touch ONE.

THEN we went into the circle center mall and entered in RIGHT at the cinnabon and like three other chocolate stores right there all in one spot. i RAN from there asap!

for some reason I'm just TOTALLY craving sweets - of course, though - being SURROUNDED by all those sweets didn't exactly help...

but I made it through. NO carbs OR sugar I am good! :)

it does suck though...but i know it's NOT worth it!

06 February 2009

Cinnamon, CoQ10 &

Ok - so I've been reading a LOT about how Cinnamon can help you control your blood sugar as well as help you drop weight. I've also read about how CoQ10 gives you energy...

So I went to the Vitamin Shoppe here in town and got some MORE vitamins to take. :)

I really hope the Cinnamon helps - i love how the pills smell! lol.

But I am now taking:

1 Women's One-a-day Multivitamin
1000 iu Vitamin D
1000 mg Fish Oil
500 mg Vitamin C

1000 mg Metformin (prescribed)
50 mg CoQ10
1000 mg Cinnamon
250 mg L-Carnitine

1000 mg Metformin (prescribed)

Actually - as for the Fish Oil - I was at the eye doctor's today and he told me that for my dry eyes issue that I have (which I now have prescribed eye drops for before I can get my left eye enhanced for lasik...) that Fish Oil and Flax Seed Oil are two essential vitamins I should be taking! I told him I already take the Fish Oil and that I eat Flax Seed as bread. :)

I have also made myself a profile over at and I did this so I would have a place to put all of my workouts in from the gym. Plus - in the past, it's pretty much always been just cardio for me with a LITTLE bit of resistance training thrown in - but I really didn't know what I was doing. Plus - I've always liked to have a "plan of attack" so to speak when doing resistance training and that website has TONS of already made workouts as well as pics of workouts I can print off to know HOW to do them correctly. :)

As I stated in my last blog, I want to workout STTS and I figured, yesterday - why not start then? So yesterday, being Thursday - I went and did an upper body resistance training workout along with 20 minutes of cardio.

I'm also NOT TOUCHING THAT SCALE! Which is REALLY hard because my pants are getting VERY loose :) but I will NOT get on that scale until March 1st. 

that's all for now! lataz!

04 February 2009

STTS exercise...

Ok - so I am going to challenge myself to workout "STTS" - meaning for the next THRE weeks, I will ONLY work out on:





That is 4x/week and that will give me the 12 days needed to meet my goal this month. I REALLY hope I can do it!

exercise and vitamins

Ok - so I've been taking a multi-vitamin for one of the first times in my adult life for a few weeks now, and this past week I've also introduced the following as well:

1000 mg Fish Oil (w/Vitamin E)
1000 mg Vitamin D
500 mg Vitamin C

these three are takin at breakfast with the Multivitamin.

Then between lunch and dinner, around 3 or so, I'm taking
L-Carnatine 500 mg with 10 mg Vitamin B6

not to mention, of course, my prescribed Metformin at 2000 mg/day (2 500 mg at lunch and 2 at dinner) multivitamin has the following in it:

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: One tablet
Amount Per Serving
% Daily Value
Vitamin A (10% as beta-carotene) - 2500 IU - 50%
Vitamin C - 60 mg -100%
Vitamin D - 800 IU - 200%
Vitamin E - 30 IU - 100%
Vitamin K - 25 mcg - 31%
Thiamin (B1) - 2.4 mg - 160%
Riboflavin (B2) - 2.7 mg - 159%
Niacin - 10 mg - 50%
Vitamin B6 - 3.2 mg - 160%
Folic Acid - 400 mcg - 100%
Vitamin B12 - 9.5 mcg - 158%
Biotin - 30 mcg - 10%
Pantothenic Acid - 5 mg - 50%
Calcium (elemental) - 300 mg - 30%
Iron - 18 mg - 100%
Magnesium - 50 mg - 13%
Zinc - 15 mg - 100%
Selenium - 20 mcg - 29%
Copper - 2 mg - 100%
Manganese - 2 mg - 100%
Chromium - 120 mcg - 100%
Guarana Blend: Guarana Seed (powder & extract), Caffeine - 180 mg

I took all my vitamins this morning BEFORE eating and this happened like the second day I was taking JUST the multivitamin, but because I hadn't eaten yet - it only took a few minutes and came right back up! ugh. :(

so I had to call in late to work and I let my stomach settle down a bit before I could eat half of my breakfast (as Petey, our pug, ate the other half when i wasn't watching! lol.)...

but yeah. so that's my vitamin post for the day. I LIKE the fact that I'm taking vitamins, but I have to learn how/when to take them.


Ok - so exercise...I normally love exercise, when I'm doing it - but man, it takes me a LOT to get motivated to actually get my ass TO the gym at night. :(

I haven't gone in over a week and looking at my exercise blog for the year so far, it's been 1 month and 4 days into the year and I've only exercised 11 days out of 34 so far.

SO. I am challenging myself in February to try and hit at LEAST 12 days of exercise this month.
And consiering February is only 28 days and we're already in 4 days...that's only 24 days left in the month - so that's every other day of exercise. I CAN do it.

a'ight - i need to get to work.


03 February 2009


Ok, so it is Tuesday February 3, 2009.

I weighed in on saturday and I was down 8 pounds :D!!!

However - I have decided, I am NOT going to weigh myself for one month. February is the shortest month of the year, so I can do this for 4 weeks.

I've put my scale high up in my hall closet and I'm NOT allowing myself to weigh in again until Sunday March 1, 2009.

I'll let you know how it goes! :D

01 February 2009

"flax seed bun" OMG!!!

ok - so i was making burgers tonight for dinner and eating a burger with a fork is getting "old" - i just really felt like I needed SOMETHING to put the burger I googled and found this recipe on recipezaar:

Here are pics of what my dinner looked like tonight:


Yeah - this is ABSOLUTELY a new "staple" in my low-carb diet...of course, I do think though that I'm going to be "good" and only allow myself this like maybe every OTHER day and only ONCE a's pretty much PURE fiber as it is made from FlaxSeed but omg. I'm SO happy! :)