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14 February 2009

I posted this on the atkins diet bulletin board...

and I have to share here too:

I kicked ASS tonight at dinner!!!!!

and I kicked ***! 

So we (my fiance and I) went out for dinner with his parents (it's their anniversary) and his brother and brother's wife.

We went out to Bucca Di Beppo. For those who don't know - Bucca Di Beppo is ALL italian. I looked online first and decided on the "Chicken Saltimbocca" as THIS is what it says:

CHICKEN SALTIMBOCCA Sautéed chicken breasts layered with fresh sage and prosciutto, topped with artichoke hearts, our lemon butter sauce and capers.

Sounds PERFECT for atkins - right?...well - first off, I have to say - I didn't TOUCH the bread and oil they brought out (i LOVE bread with dipping oil...)

I had a good amount of the salad and then my dinner came out. First off there was only ONE chicken breast - even though it says breasts AND there was linguini on the plate! the menu didn't mention ANYTHING about any type of pasta with that dish! 
And I didn't feel like sending it back, so instead I immediately asked for a box and placed the pasta in the box and gave it to his parents to take home.

So I had ONE piece of chicken - which WAS yummy - but only ONE piece. 

However...his brother and sister-in-law got the stuffed Chicken Pesto dish and they got the large size to share - so there was three huge pieces of chicken...his brother's wife only had one of them and so he offered me half of the last one and while it WAS breaded, i tore all the breading off and had it with the pesto (which was AWESOME) and btw, it was only stuffed with some prosciutto. but it was VERY yummy...

so anyways NEXT up... - his bro's wife's birthday is next saturday and it said you could get a free cake if your birthday is within 7 days AND also get cake if your anniversary is, of course - she asked for the cake AND his parents got cake too.

they brought out two plates with FOUR huge pieces of Red Velvet cake - my absolute FAVORITE EVER flavor of cake. 

And, of course, they brought enough plates for everyone to share - and she gave me a plate and kept saying, "oh c'mon ONE bite won't hurt"...but NOPE. I did NOT give in. And I told her that. PLUS - my fiance kept having to tell his parents the reason i WASN'T eating the bread or the pasta or the cake is that i'm NOT diabetic yet - but I'm doing all I can to NOT be diabetic (i love him so muchh!!! )

he did tell me, too - after they all left and we were on our way home - his father (who, sorry to say, can be an idiot sometimes) after dan kept telling him that the reason I wasn't eating any of that stuff is that I don't want to end UP diabetic - his father said - i kid you not - "the food you eat doesn't make you diabetic" just wow.  

but yeah. I was faced with bread & dipping oil, pasta AND Red Velvet cake - which apparently had REAL whip cream as the icing...

AND family members saying "oh c'mon...ONE bite won't hurt" - and Ya know what I did?...
I didn't touch ANY of it!!!!!!

it wasn't worth it and I knew that. PLUS i realized that what I DID have was VERY satisfying and - unlike probably 98% of people that ate there tonight - I wasn't leaving STUFFED and MISERABLE. I had a FABULOUS valentine's day! 

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