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16 February 2009

Quick Post - Common Cold / Didn't work out / new notch on belt!

Quick post as i have a lot of work today. :)

Well - I woke up yesterday morning, Sunday th 15th with a cold. :(

So - because i felt like crap all day I didn't get my sunday work out in. That sucks. BUT I did go and buy myself a 40 pound heavy bag which is now in the basement!!!! So hopefully I'll feel a bit better tonight in order to use it and get a good boxing work out in. :)

One thing that sucks, though, is I bought some Nyquil like I ALWAYS do for colds and AFTER I took it last night, out of curiousity I looked at the ingredients...and yup - right there - in freakin' NYQUIL - HFCS. High. Fructose. Corn. Shit (syrup).

that freakin' SUCKS!! :(

oh well just ANOTHER lesson learned.

Now - this morning when I got dressed, I put my belt on and still only used it to the 3rd notch (which, when i FIRST bought this belt, I could only use the 1st notch!!!)...
Well, when i got to work and went to the washroom, I actually decided to try the 4th notch and low and behold - it fits and it's COMFORTABLE!!! WOOOOOHOOOO another notch on the belt!!!!

Two more weeks and I'll be able to get on that scale! On January 31st, the scale said 188.
What I'm HOPING for is at LEAST 183. 5 pounds this month would freakin' ROCK!!!!! :)

That is all - more later.

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