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17 February 2009


i called in sick to work today. my head is so stuffy. and i can't take my nyquil cuz there's 19 grams of carbs and 13 grams of sugar!!!!!!!

I'm going to go look today and see what i can find withOUT sugar in it...
so yesterday i put all my food intake into the daily and it really is still SO mind blowing that i can have all this FAT and LOSE weight!!!

I only had 1205 calories total (which that surprised me as well) and I burned 220 from the boxing dvd i have in the basement - fat wise I had 76 g total fat & 25 g carbs w/7 g fiber (so 18 grams of net carbs) and 89 grams of protein.

wow. just wow. yet my clothes fit FABULOUS!!

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  1. There is a whole line of cold meds called in the diabetic section that is sugar free. I do LC also and have used it. feel better.