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22 February 2009

Sunday February 22, just sucks for some reason...

Ok - I don't know why it does - maybe i'm feeling lonely because dan's at work today? I really don't know - but we woke up around 11 (late night last night) - he made me breakfast and then he left for I watched some tv and then decided to figure out what i was gonna do at the gym - but I ended up not going to the gym because I just felt 'blah' like seriously depressed for some weird idea why - just sad and depressed. :(

My best friend, Jenn called me up and asked if I wanted to go meet her at a scrapbooking store - and so I did that - but got back and I'm just still in a funk. ugh.

don't know.?? 

anyways though - i'm still eating right and I really feel like I'm losing some. :)

anyways - dan's home with lunch so more later. 

it's snowing outside but ti's sunny. :)

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