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24 February 2009


Ok. So I think I've decided - for this week only (maybe?) I will NOT be journaling my food intake.

why? well - as much as i DO like it - I want to see if I can make good choices and not "obsess" over journaling the way I normally do. I have not weighed myself now since Feb 1 - that's 3.5 weeks ago - and I DIDN'T plan on doing it again until next sunday (march 1) but I have a doc's appointment tomorrow and I'm having my blood work done again and I know they'll weigh me - so I will know tomorrow what I last time I weighed - end of january - i was 188.

In all honestly - I'd be ecstatic with 183 and happy with 184. That would be a 4 or 5 pound loss in 3.5 weeks. We shall see! :)

but by NOT journaling - and learning my weight tomorrow, I will still weigh on sunday to see if i've changed in 4 days of not journaling.

we shall see!

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