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06 February 2009

Cinnamon, CoQ10 &

Ok - so I've been reading a LOT about how Cinnamon can help you control your blood sugar as well as help you drop weight. I've also read about how CoQ10 gives you energy...

So I went to the Vitamin Shoppe here in town and got some MORE vitamins to take. :)

I really hope the Cinnamon helps - i love how the pills smell! lol.

But I am now taking:

1 Women's One-a-day Multivitamin
1000 iu Vitamin D
1000 mg Fish Oil
500 mg Vitamin C

1000 mg Metformin (prescribed)
50 mg CoQ10
1000 mg Cinnamon
250 mg L-Carnitine

1000 mg Metformin (prescribed)

Actually - as for the Fish Oil - I was at the eye doctor's today and he told me that for my dry eyes issue that I have (which I now have prescribed eye drops for before I can get my left eye enhanced for lasik...) that Fish Oil and Flax Seed Oil are two essential vitamins I should be taking! I told him I already take the Fish Oil and that I eat Flax Seed as bread. :)

I have also made myself a profile over at and I did this so I would have a place to put all of my workouts in from the gym. Plus - in the past, it's pretty much always been just cardio for me with a LITTLE bit of resistance training thrown in - but I really didn't know what I was doing. Plus - I've always liked to have a "plan of attack" so to speak when doing resistance training and that website has TONS of already made workouts as well as pics of workouts I can print off to know HOW to do them correctly. :)

As I stated in my last blog, I want to workout STTS and I figured, yesterday - why not start then? So yesterday, being Thursday - I went and did an upper body resistance training workout along with 20 minutes of cardio.

I'm also NOT TOUCHING THAT SCALE! Which is REALLY hard because my pants are getting VERY loose :) but I will NOT get on that scale until March 1st. 

that's all for now! lataz!

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