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07 February 2009

Weber Grill, dessert and a MALL!

Ok - so my parents came in to town today and we went downtown to the Circle Center mall and went to the Weber Grill for dinner. I had a very yummy Grilled Chicken with sundried tomatoes and spinach on the side. What sucked, though, was the bread basket on the table - which I did NOT touch but ooooooooh so wanted one.  Unlike the other couple of times we've gone out - this time was much harder NOT to touch the bread basket. But I didn't do it. :)
Also - Dan had a beer - which looked REALLY good...and my mom ordered dessert that she and my dad shared - but it was this "trio" of desserts - a chocolate cake with hot fudge - a little tiny piece of key lime pie - and some apple pie - and OHHHHHHHHHHHH my god did I want some! but nope. I didn't even touch ONE.

THEN we went into the circle center mall and entered in RIGHT at the cinnabon and like three other chocolate stores right there all in one spot. i RAN from there asap!

for some reason I'm just TOTALLY craving sweets - of course, though - being SURROUNDED by all those sweets didn't exactly help...

but I made it through. NO carbs OR sugar I am good! :)

it does suck though...but i know it's NOT worth it!

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