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08 February 2009

off to the Vitamin Shoppe for one more....

Ok - so last night I was reading more on vitamins and I believe there is ONE more that I would like to start taking.

The Vitamin L-Glutamine. Aside from MANY great reasons to take it - the main two are this:

Exercise recovery: As stated before, L-glutamine will repair and preserve muscle tissue. Since exercise can cause microscopic tears in the muscles, which is needed to improve strength and endurance, your body will increase its demands on L-glutamine. Taking a supplement will help your body build more muscle instead of breaking tissue down for energy.

SUGAR CRAVINGS: According to Dr. Atkins’ book, Vita-Nutrient Solution (page 169), he states that when a “sugar urge emerges, take 1-2 grams of L-glutamine, preferably with some heavy cream and just a touch of nonsugar sweetener.” The immediate desire to eat something sweet will pass.” 

So I def. think this one will help - especially for the exercise recovery.

Speaking OF exercise, I am a little upset that I didn't get to go to the gym yesterday - but it's cool - my parents were here and it took FOREVER for the windows guy to get to our house (just to tell us it's too damn expensive and we can't afford new windows...)

But I really wanted to start the "STTS" workout plan - "Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday"
but - then again - I'd only just decided that on wednesday so last Sunday and Tuesday was already

But this week is a brand new week. So, asides from cardio (which I will start doing 10 minutes of warm up + 20 minutes of 'hard' cardio after my resistance training) - I plan on really focusing on resistance training.  I got a lot of GREAT ideas from that I am going to be using when I go now...I love that I've finally found "plans" on what to do when I go to the gym instead of going and not really knowing what to do.

A'ight that's all for now. Later!

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