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11 February 2009

UGH...confession time.

yeah. ugh. i'm typing this literally 10 minutes after i did it.
i binged. granted, it was a very small binge and ONLY 10 carbs worth...BUT i don't know why i just felt like eating...I WAS only going to have a "slice" of flax bread with some natural peanut butter and blueberries...but once i ate it i SOOOO wanted some milk so i had some mozzarella cheese - then i felt like having guacamole and had to have that with some pork rinds...

and now. ugh. :(

oh well though. i'm here - i'm confessing and it's passed. 1 "bad" thing in what - 40 days now? That's pretty damn good. All-be-it, bad.

At least all the food WAS low carb and TECHNICALLY "legal" on atkins...problem is i'm ONLY on rung 2 of owl - which is dairy. nuts and seeds (for the peanut butter) isn't until rung 3 and berries isn't until rung 4.

oh well. it's done. it's over and it's a lesson learned.


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