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25 March 2009

Low Fat lies 25/March/2009

Ok. So this may end up being just my personal opinion...but lately I've begun to get pissed about low-fat diets.

For example - last night I was watching The Biggest Loser on NBC like I do every Tuesday. I absolutely LOVE this show...but there was a segment where Bob (the trainer) was showing two of the contestents how to grill out and do it "low-fat"...he showed them a 98% fat free loin that DID look declicious - and I must say I'd TOTALLY eat - but after he made the kebobs (with mushrooms, peppers, onions and the meat) he was all, "now you can grill out without all the fat".

Now - I DO know and totally understand that FAT FREE / LOW FAT is the "mainstream" - and has been for the longest time - but really? Now that I've educated myself as well as physically SHOWN myself that eating fat IS good for you - it actually pisses me off that everyone out there DOES listen to the lie that "low fat / fat free" is the way to go. # 1 it really is SO incredibly unhealthy because - normally - fat free specifically usually means SO much added sugar. Low-Fat usually has added sugar too...and we all know that when you take away something you HAVE to ad something else to it.

so - when you take away FAT - you are left with carbs and sugar. it's absolutely MADDENING.
I know - for HALF if not ALL of my life - i've lived the "low-fat lie" myself because I didn't know better and that's what EVERYONE does - but now that I DO know better it really pisses me off to see all these people who think that eating "fat free" or "low fat" foods is healthy!!!!!!

ok, just needed to rant. more later.

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