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02 April 2009

180 lbs... 02/April/2009

Ok - so first thing is that this week I've been lazy and I haven't gone to the gym at all this past week. Just been lazy.

Wednesday the 25th of March was the last day I went to the gym. I will get my ass back in gear asap - but yeah.

Now. I am at that "point" in my weight loss that I've seen so many times in my life. 180 lbs (give or take a pound or two depending on the day)...this morning I weighed in at 182 yet 4 days ago, on Monday morning, I weighed in at 178.5.

The thing is, about the 180 lb mark - this is the "point" where I usually get to and thing "great! I've done it! I'm soooooooooo close to 170's 'ok' if I get a little lax now"...

But it's not. I mean - literally - I can not tell you HOW MANY TIMES I have been here before and I always turn back.

Why? well - I think it's because I get lazy as well as normally frustrated (being usually on a low-fat diet)...

But I'm not eating low fat now (or ever again). I've finally found something that WORKS and I KNOW I will ABSOLUTELY get down to 170 and then down to 160. Thing is, though - I also know I ABSOLUTELY MUST work out in order to do that. I've been GREAT at working out for 3 months and it's now like that point in time when I feel like "ok, i've done good enough, can't I have a break?"

But after SO MANY FREAKIN' YEARS of doing this - I realize that I CAN'T have a break. A "Break" means getting lazy and going back to where I was before. And I REFUSE REFUSE REFUSE to go back there EVER AGAIN!

So yeah - I think this week has been a learning experience. I almost "needed" to go back and forth between 178 and 182 for the past few days to realize that 178 is where I should be - not 182. It's only a 4 pound difference and there's so many things it could be - but I need to get down to 178 so that my next goal is 176 then 174 then 170 before I know it.

more later!

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