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05 April 2009

3 months in. April 2009 - 05/April/2009

Ok - so it has been 3 months now exactly. January - February - March.

It gets easier every day and I must say I LOVE LOVE LOVE living the low carb life. Seriously. Eating out is SO easy. Cooking dinner is SO easy. Lunch is still a bit hard - but that's only cuz lunch has always been hard for me - unless there's leftovers from the night before, then it's easy. lol. and Breakfast. VERY easy.

But I've come to the conclusion - finally - that I've actually found exactly what i've always been looking for. And that is a real true "way of eating for life" that is easy, healthy, and has a side effect of losing weight! haha.

But I've FINALLY given up sugar. Something I've wanted to do for such a VERY long time - even when i was doing low-fat dieting.

But I've come to the realization that - even if I only lost a half a pound every week for the next year, I will lost 26 pounds by this date next year - and I'll be PAST my goal of 160!
And I know there'll be weeks when i lose nothing - and weeks when i lose 2 or 3.

One thing, I know - is that it seems like i've been working out at the gym for YEARS now and yet i'm still only at 180 after gaining/losing/gaining/losing - mainly because my eating wasn't where it needed to be. But now I KNOW that sugar is the culprit. SUGAR is what keeps me fat. NOT fat!
But - now I feel that working out IS actually "worth it" in i'm not just wasting my time going to the gym anymore! lol

And yeah - some times it SUCKS that I can't go and have a reeses peanut butter cup - especially on holidays when those oh so awesome holiday reeses cups come out - but to me, being thin and HEALTHY is soooo much more important than a few seconds of "bliss" that would turn into regret.

I'm just so happy that I've finally found what works. And I don't feel the need to "tweak" anything. 

PLUS 5 more pounds to lose and I can start eating berries again!!!! :P

That is how I'm doing the "rungs" of atkins.
196 - start / induction
191 - rung 1 (more vegees)
186 - rung 2 (dairy)
181 - rung 3 (nuts)
176 - rung 4 (berries)
171 - rung 5 (wine & low carb alcohol)
166 - rung 6 (legumes/beans)
167 - rung 7 (fruits other than berries)
161 (and goal) - rung 8 (starchy vegetables)
156 (god i hope i get that low) - rung 9 (whole grains)

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