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01 May 2009

ATKINS - my "magic weight loss pill"

Ok - so the following was a thread i posted on the ADDB board about how much i LOVE LOVE LOVE atkins:

And thy name is ATKINS!!!!!

Seriously you This morning when I woke up I got on the scale (I check every other day or so...) and holy - I couldn't believe my eyes...175!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am 15 freakin' pounds away from my goal!!! NOT 36 like I was on January 1st!I have battled my weight for so long I've lost count of the amount of times I've lost weight only to gain it back.

But that's what low-fat DIETS do to ya...I have NEVER EVER found a way of eating that makes me HAPPY and I don't feel deprived on. So after I saw 175 on the scale - I got dressed and put on a skirt that I usually wear and it looked really I thought to myself "hmmm I wonder" I pulled out one of the 3 pieces of clothing I have had sitting in my closet for that time of "just in case it ever fits again"...I've got 1 pair of slacks (size 11 juniors yet to get into) and 2 skirts all of which I LOVE too much to throw out even though for the LONGEST time they've not fit because I kept gaining weight back. Well, I put on one of the skirts - and i'm here at work, typing this WEARING THAT SKIRT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can seriously TASTE the 160's!!!!! I WILL be 160 pounds (if not lower) for my wedding! I just honest to god can NOT believe that!!!! It still seriously blows my mind how EASY this way of life is - and it honest to god HAS become my "way of eating"...I don't even have to think about it. Do I want sugar? Yes - I fullheartedly admit that my brain still tells me, "ooooh that cake looks good. ooooh that cereal, poptarts, ice cream, starbucks frappuccino, etc...looks awesome!!!" yes - I absolutely still think about eating those things...however I've finally realized that I want to be healthy and thin so much more and I know that if I were to give in and eat those things #1 I'll get sick and #2 I'll gain weight plain and simple. If I really want to lose weight and feel good in my skin and my clothes, I HAVE to eat low-carb / low-sugar and continue following the rules of atkins. No ifs ands or butts.

And have I cheated in the 4 months that I've lost 21 pounds? Barely...admittedly I had some REAL ice cream at Kings Island last weekend - and I can't tell you how incredibly it tasted...BUT that was saturday night around 9 p.m. (and btw, I shared a SMALL bowl of it with Dan)...but sunday afternoon omg did I pay for it (and i'll leave it at that).But I LOVE LOVE LOVE this way of eating because I NEVER feel deprived! And when I do think about wanting something sugary - I always remember how literally sick it makes me because my body can NOT metabolize sugar. And when it does, I either get sick or gain weight.Since I lost a bulk amount of weight back in 2003/2004 (on weight watchers) I thought that THAT was the only way to lose weight (205 to 160)...but no matter HOW hard I tried I just couldn't get back into it because low-fat/high-carb (including candy/sugar) just always made me depressed and I'd always end up going back to eating junk...But the FAT and whole foods I eat - I don't WANT to eat junk food anymore (well, I want to but I know why NOT to) seriously blows my mind...and to think that in a few months I WILL be back down to 160 almost makes me want to cry because I was beginning to think it'd NEVER happen again. And not only have I finally found what to do to get skinny - I'm also HEALTHY. All my blood levels are NORMAL and I just feel incredible!

And, no I haven't lost NEARLY as fast as some people and some weeks I don't lose anything - but that's ok because I know that in continuing to eat this way I WILL GET TO MY GOAL and I don't even have to "try"...And the DIFFERENCE this time - how I KNOW I'm NOT going to gain this weight back that I've gotten rid of?...I don't feel guilty anymore. Food doesn't have that emotion over me that "oops - I screwed up - might as well completely ruin it". Not ONCE in the past 4 months have I felt like that - when that's how I've felt for sooooo long while on low-fat diets. Ok - off my soapbox now. To any newbies out there who are struggling because you just "CAN'T" give up your bread or sugary filled foods - just do it. all or nothing. THIS PLAN WORKS!

so yeah - I'm almost there and seriously I couldn't be happier!!! For YEARS after I lost my weight on weight watchers (and slowly but surely gained most of it back) - no matter HOW hard I tried and how long I counted points and did everything "perfect" - working out, eating right and GAINING weight...always trying to figure out what was going on - I finally HAVE figured out what was wrong with me. :(
It sucks that I am insulin resistant because - yes, I TOTALLY miss sugar - but now that I know that SUGAR is what makes me FAT (not actual fat!) - I've given it up and couldn't be happier!!!!!

I WILL weigh 160 lbs again! (if not less!!!!)

I'll also repost new pics once I can - now that i'm past 20!

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