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19 March 2009

Frustration and Induction 19/March/2009

Ok - so it has been 2.5 months now and I'm still at 184. That is what I weighed in at this morning - last night - last weekend...

I will admit - I AM ecstatic that i'm DOWN those 12 pounds - but at the same time, I'm very frustrated...The first week of March I was in the gym 5 days. Last week (second week) I had that "tom" and granted, didn't go - but this week, the third week - i've been back at the gym full force 3 times and i plan on making tonight my 4th time this week.

I'm honestly beginning to reallllly think about cutting out splenda / sweetness all together - which also includes my hot tea in the morning as well as my iced tea with lemon when I go out.

This will be hard - but I have to do SOMETHING. I'm SO close to being back in the 170's I can taste it - but at the same time it feels SOOO far away. :(

Now, one AWESOME thing is that I AM fitting into my two pair of size 13 juniors jeans again - which is AWESOME - but that scale won't budge.

I truly am beginning to think - for me - i'm so incredibly "insulin resistant" / have metobolic syndrome so bad that even the taste of sweet (whether it's got sugar or not) raises my insulin and becase of that I'm having a hard time actually LOSING the weight.

And that sucks because I LIKE all my splenda/liquid syrups but those might be making me stall.
Same with the almonds. I've moved up to the nuts ring - but I think I need to move back down to induction. At least for a week and see how that pans out. I want to try and go as "sweet free" as possible ofr Monday March 22 - Saturday march 28 and see if that helps - also with working out 5 times/week, obviously.

Now, they say that 3500 calories = 1 pound. I average only 500 calories burned per workout...and 5 days is ONLY 2500 calories, not I'm going to have to up that by 200 calories a day - meaning I will have to do BOTH cardio AND resistance next week 5 x week.

I'm also going to go back to journaling religiously everything that goes in my mouth next week and figure out the protein/carbs/fat percentages.

well that is all as I need to get back to work.

I also plan on posting new pics soon.



  1. I suggest you read Gary Taubes book. It will explain why 1) exercise does not lead to weight loss and may even add weight 2) calorie counting is pointless 3) even small deviations can undermine the weight loss effect.

    Best Regards

  2. hey! thanks for the comment (sorry i'm getting to it so late) I do have the book at home - but admittedly, it is SO hard to get through.
    :( I keep trying to read it though.