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12 November 2009

another post as a comment - lol - sleeping...

So yeah - I'm at work - still can't comment back - so here's another post:

Yes - I absolutely agree as far as the wine goes. This is totally one road I do NOT want to go down. I like wine. I like beer. I like hard liquor. But only ONCE IN A WHILE and def. NOT an every day thing. Believe me - I KNOW that depending on wine to sleep every night would be an AWEFUL thing to become dependent on. I do NOT want to rely on does help but again - it's exactly like relying on a sleeping pill.

So we shall see what my doc says. She might put me on ambien or something - but of course who knows til I see her. Again - that's something I'm not fond of the idea of doing - but we'll see. More than anything I am getting excited about doing a sleep study. Last night - for example - I napped a little on the couch before going to bed. Actually went into the bedroom around 9 - lay there all night and MAYBE got a total of about 3 hours of sleep?!!! I remember dreaming some - but seriously felt awake all night long. :(

Anymore it's actually making me irritable more at the FACT that I am not getting any sleep more than the "not getting sleep" itself. So yeah. allright - I really need to get back to work! :)

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