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24 November 2009

Quick results from sleep study...

Ok - so my blood work came back yesterday and the doc said everything looks GREAT and there's NO anemia! That's GOOD news...but of course now I'm wondering then "what the hellll is wrong with my feet"? still no answer...

BUT - I got a phone call today from the hospital to set up a follow up appointment with the sleep specialist on January 4th! which I'm excited about but it sucks that that's 6 weeks away! ugh! so another month of bad sleep...

Then a little while after the call i got another email from my doctor saying that the specialist would be getting ahold of me. (duh! lol) - and the email said, "you move 6 times / hour" which to me basically says I move every 10 minutes - which SUCKS but isn't shocking. She also said that whatever treatment/medication the sleep center gives me for the RLS / PLMD (periodic limb movement disorder) will hopefully help the foot pain too.

course, I should also be getting the full results from the study in the mail within the next few weeks - i can't wait to see those!

So now it's just a wait and see!

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