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01 January 2010

January 01, 2010!!!!


Wow 2009 is behind us and a new year is before us! I LOVE new years - I do! I'm all for making "new year resolutions" as the new year is a new beginning. I know some people may think new years resolutions are stupid or pointless...but for me and MILLIONS of other people - I believe they help you start a brand new year off right - and for those who stick to them and accomplish those goals - good for them!

Of course - I accomplished my new years resolution for 2009 DURING 2009...I finally lost (most) of the weight I'd gained back and gained a WHOLE new outlook on life and how to TRULY eat for MY body. Now - admittedly, I haven't been perfect but I've also come to realize it's more about learning how to LIVE and eat right - and that INCLUDES "indulging" every once in a while - while still living my new low-carb lifestyle day to day.

Now - the unfortunate thing is that my indulging last night on December 31, 2009 has made me wake up to a new number on the I woke up and the scale said 170...ACK! I've been maintaining my 167-169 weight loss since June now and I LIKE those numbers! lol...and since my fiance and I didn't wake up until 1 p.m. this afternoon...ok scratch that - I woke up at 1 p.m. - he's still IN bed! lol...but that's ok - anyways I woke up and will admit I just had three pieces of pizza for "breakfast"...yes - I know. bad me.

HOWEVER. I have always liked to also start "anew" on the first day of the week - as well as the first month of the while I plan on eating low-carb tomorrow (Saturday, January 02nd) - my plan of attack to start off the new year right is to re-start atkins induction this Sunday, January 03rd.

I will stay on induction for the 2 weeks that it always asks for and then go up the rungs of OWL (ongoing weight loss) every new week. Last year I waited for every 3-5 pounds I dropped - but since I only honestly have 10 pounds to drop total - I figure I will do it weekly instead.

I ordered some new books and still have one more I need to order - and those are:
1. Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon.
2. Life Without Bread by Wolfgang Lutz

and the last one I really want to (need? lol) is: Eat Fat Lose Fat by Dr. Mary Enig and Sally Fallon.

What I LOVE about living the low-carb life is that it's SO easy and SO yummy...while I have gained back 4 pounds from "indulging" a little too much during the holidays - I HAVE to say that 4 pounds during the holidays is NOTHING compared to what I've done in the past and to what I know some people have done...But I will get it off and move on with my life.

NOW in other news...I am SO excited for 2010!! My wedding is in June - June 26, 2010 to be exact and then as soon as the wedding is over - my husband and I will start TTC (trying to conceive)!!!!!

And - THAT is why I need to (among many other reasons) - but why I need to keep up with my healthy new lifestyle - so I can learn how to eat right for my future children and make sure they live and are born healthy too!


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