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16 February 2010

Tuesday 16/February/2010

Ok, I just want to have a post about some of my favorite low-carb sites.

One site and INCREDIBLE blog that seriously has helped me get to where I am today is Jimmy Moore's blog and podcasts:
Livin La Vida

Jimmy's Podcasts

Here is the forum I post to:
Low Carb Friends

The most AWESOME recipe sites:
Linda's Low Carb Recipes

Healthy Indulgences


This one is actually more gluten-free and not really low-carb, per se - but still really good and can subsitute low-carb sweeteners in some of the recipes that call for agave:
Elana's Pantry

I will be back postin' more :)


  1. So happy to help you along in this journey. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!

  2. Great links. I recommend them all too.

  3. Hey Jimmy! thanks for comin' by my little corner of the world! :D

    seriously I don't think there's one podcast I've missed. when I first started (january 2009) I downloaded every single one and listened from the beginning til I was caught up. thank you for everything!

  4. Keri-Ann,

    I saw your post about freezer meals. I have an e-book designed to help plan and cook ahead for low carbers. You might want to check it out. I also have a blog that highlights how we use the system.

    Maybe you missed by podcast? Oh, and some casseroles can be assembled and frozen uncooked to bake later. Some are better cooked, then frozen and reheated. I tend to prefer baked then frozen. That way we have the convenience of using a microwave.