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11 January 2009

Day 9 - Week 2 of Induction

Well - today was actually hard for me...when we woke up (late) I realized we were out of eggs. So I went to Arby's and got a chicken salad (no dressing from arby's, added own at home)...and a large roast beef (threw away the bun).

I went grocery shopping and while I was in the produce section, man it was sooooo hard not to buy some fruit!!! I was craving fruit soooo bad. :( But I didn't do it. I know that eventually I will be allowed to re-introduce fruit into my diet - but until then, I will follow the plan as it says.

I didn't eat that much of my dinner - we went to the fresh market here in indy and he got a stuffed salmon and I got a piece of ahi tuna. It was good - but i'm so used to tuna with MAYO...not just butter. It was good - just a new taste for me. But the piece was 8 oz and I only had about half of it - we also had green beans.

I WILL do this thing right though - I know it's not going to be easy - but I'm GOING to do it. Yes, it's about weight loss  - because I really want to lose weight - but it's ALSO about getting healthy.

I know a LOT of people don't believe that atkins is healthy - and i understand because I was one of those people - but seriously - what's healthier - a little bit of more NATURAL fat or sugar (which, granted, i'm starting to miss) - but sugar, which messes with your body's insulin - and keeps you FAT :(

My thing is - I have to believe in my doctor that she is right about me having Insulin Resistance...because it makes no sense to me - why - in the past - I'd exercise and eat "right" (meaning low-fat, low-calorie) and not lose ANY weight - but low-fat, low-calorie also means HIGH carbs...and those carbs and sugar is what was holding me back. When I'd eat low-calorie, high sugar, high carb foods - that sugar would push my cells to make MORE sugar to over-compensate and just turn into fat. :(

it sucks - it sucks major donkey balls...but oh well - I HAVE to do this - the only other choice is to keep gaining weight and eventually end up with diabetes :(

I WILL do this right though - and I WILL eventually be allowed to re-introduce fruit and even possibly grains into my diet too - but until then - it's meat, cheese, eggs & vegetables.

plus, I WILL be a buff bride!!!!! :)

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