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10 January 2009

Day 8 of Induction

Ok so it is day 8 of Induction and I did damn good this morning and afternoon (breakfast and lunch) and then we went to dinner at Benihana's.  While I'm OH so damn proud of myself that I didn't TOUCH Dan's sushi (although part of me oh so wanted one!) I didn't even TOUCH one! :)

I did good on the main course too - I got steak which also came with 3 shrimp and sauted mushrooms and vegetables - bean sprouts & mushrooms. I also had the salad - which had ginger dressing??? :( and their onion soup.
There's a couple different websites with different nutritional facts FOR that onion soup - there are a few that say like 25 calories and 3 grams of net carbs (which i'm SOOOO hoping that one is right) but there's a few others that include white flour and milk!

I THINK I did pretty well - as long as that onion soup IS only 3 g of net carbs...the bean sprouts were a little high - but I think those should be ok too.

More than anything though - I need to look at the positives:

1. we went to a japanese resteraunt and I didn't TOUCH the sushi (i LOVE sushi).
2. i didn't touch the fried vegetables that jenn & tom ordered.
3. when the waitress asked what type of rice I wanted - I politely declined any rice at all.
4. i pretty much only had meat & vegetables - in butter sauce
5. my only fear, really, is the onion soup and the ginger dressing. :(

so anyways - tomorrow starts a new week (well, sunday - technically) and I'm going grocery shopping tomorrow and this week I'm going to try and SERIOUSLY follow ALL the rules of induction - as I thought I had been this week, but may not have been.

Plus - I will NOT get on the scale until NEXT saturday. :)

See's ya tomorrow!

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