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10 January 2009

Start of Week 2 of Induction! Day 8 - 10/January/2009

Well - today is the start of week 2 of Induction. :)
And - today did NOT start out good...

Weight wise - the scale showed 192.5!!! That makes me SO happy! Last week - my starting weight was 196 - so that's 3.5 pounds DOWN! woohoo!

HOWEVER...I woke up and first off my upper back was hurting. :( so I layed on a heating pad for a bit then got up to make breakfast. While I was making breakfast (my normal scrambled eggs, cheese & bacon) - I had a bottle of water and decided to try and use one of those flavored SUGAR FREE tea packets.  I took my multi-vitamin and not even 2 minutes later my body said, "nope - i'm not having this" and I ended up throwing that and the few bites of breakfast I'd already eaten up. :(

Well, that just goes to show, even though it SAYS sugar free - it's still processed and my body just can NOT handle it now. That's a GOOD thing to know - but at the same time, it really sucked.

I am really looking forward to this week, however. :)

1. Again - I'm giving up my seltzer water - and I plan on drinking ONLY plain old water from now on.

2. I will NOT be drinking ANY of the atkins shakes.

3. I commit to work out at least 4 x this week @ at least 30 minutes per workout.

So more to come! :)

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