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13 January 2009

Induction Week 2 - Tuesday 13/January/2009

Well - things are going good. :)
Really not too much to report today.

I went to the gym last night and did 30 minutes of cardio - but I KNOW I honestly NEED to really do resistance training and not as much cardio. I think that is what I'm really going to try and concentrate on is resistance training (along with some cardio) - but I'm not going to concentrate on cardio like i used to. EVERYONE keeps telling me that your body keeps burning calories after workouts when you have done resistance training because MUSCLE is what burns fat.

It is hard - but that's only because I don't have a "plan"...I have a few ideas from muscle and fitness but cardio is so much easier to do...however - that's my next step is to really put together some weight training sessions (course, I have to do this by myself because getting a trainer is WAY too damn expensive).

But I DO know I'm only supposed to workout each body part once a week (that'll help a lot! - meaning I won't feel like I HAVE to do a full body or anything...)

So I'm thinking 3 x week: 1 = legs. 2 = core. 3 = upper body/back

Then the other 2 x week I'll do cardio.

I CAN do this! :)

As far as atkins goes though, I must say while I'm still craving some fruit - I just love knowing that it has now been 12 days and I have not had ONE piece of chocolate - NO white flour - NO bread, pasta or potatoes. It's been hard one some days and easier on others - but I WILL do it! :) And i've got to just keep taking it absolutely ONE DAY AT A TIME!

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