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14 January 2009

Week 2 of Induction - Wednesday 14/January/2009

well - it has been almost officially 2 weeks that I have been on atkins. I have not had ANY processed sugar (or even fruit) - ANY white flour - ANY processed carbs since Friday 02/January/2009.

while at times it's been "easy" - other times it has been hard.

I know that I'm going to continue doing induction for what they call "extended induction" for at least another week.

this morning I got on the scale and it said 190.5 - again, that is down from 196 two weeks ago.
that is - for me - AWESOME!!!!!! but - i do know that i NEED to really hit the gym harder.

I really did want to go to the gym and do weight training last night - but I ended up NOT because I went to the dentist yesterday and while there - i get SOOO comfy in the dentist chair (yeah, weird, i - but I got sooo sleepy and a little mad about money (i have to have another crown done in april) that I went home and took a nap instead - then at 8 p.m. my show The Biggest Loser and then Law & Order SVU were on - and then it was time for bed.

so anyways - tonight I am DEFINITELY working out. whether it's at the gym or at home, I'm not sure yet (weather sucks ass outside right now!!!) but I WILL get at LEAST 30 minutes in tonight. :)

so anyways - not really too much else going on. so I'll update more later!

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