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01 January 2009

One more post for today - My history :)

I am a 29 year old Desktop Publisher living in Indianapolis, IN.

I'm a professional weight loser.

AGE 17/18 - I lost 70 pounds in high school going from 220 to 150 my senior year just from exercising. 

AGE 20/21 - Then in college I went back up to 220 because well - I liked drinking/partying and when I did - my friends and I HAD to have 3 a.m. IHOP meetings! lol

AGE 22/23 - Well - my senior year of college I tried weight watchers and I had good luck with it. I went from 220 to 180 on weight watchers at the age

AGE 23 - My senior year of college I gained back 25 of those 40 that I lost on weight watchers and after I graduated college in 2003, I went back to weight watchers and went from 205 pounds down to 160!!!

Pretty much after I went down to 160, I maintained that for about a year but I had just moved down to Indianapolis from Chicago and hadn't really found my "niche" yet - going from job to job - relationship to relationship - my weight suffered (even though I was constantly exercising and "dieting") and I gained back 20 pounds...then I found my FANTASTIC job in June of 2005 and then in October 2006 I started dating the most FANTASTIC man. But - after we started dating - I tried to get back into exercising and eating right and even though - in 2007 I was honest to god exercising 4 times a week AND eating right - I couldn't lose ONE FREAKING OUNCE!!!! 

I went to the doc in October of 2007 and she diagnosed me with Insulin Resistance. Meaning that when I eat carbs, they just turn straight to fat. :( my body just doesn't process sugar and carbs like a normal person - and so I couldn't lose weight.

She put me on metformin and told me to try the Atkins diet - but I'd always been SO incredibly against "low carb" diets because I'd ALWAYS heard that they were "bad" for you...but I did lose about 20 pounds last year doing the weight watchers CORE program (basically all non-processed foods).

Then my boyfriend proposed in June and we started looking for a house in September so the weight came right back on because I stopped going to the gym and I stopped exercising.

In the past few months now, I have realized - not exercising and eating "whatever" that every time I eat a high carb meal - I get sick. :( I'm sick and tired of getting sick. So I'm listening to my doc and I'm going to learn the atkins nutritional way of life. :)

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