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01 January 2009

Thursday 01 January 2009


Well it is January 01 - the day when people make (and usually break within a few hours) new years resolutions...

I can't really say that this is a NEW new year's resolution - since this has been more my resolution for what, 20 years now? lol...but this year I'm taking a different approach.

As in my past blog, I stated that I've gained and lost - gained and lost weight over the years so many times that I've lost track.

I know that last year I WAS losing steadily but then I came to a stand still after losing 17 pounds and around September I started gaining it back because 

A. I stopped going to the gym (we were looking for and bought a house - not an excuse, but c'mon!)
B. I just stopped eating right. :( I wasn't pigging out by anymeans - but I wasn't religiously following any type of eating plan like I normally did.

One thing I noticed though - once I started NOT following any type of plan and just eating "whatever" so to that my doc was right - I should NOT eat high carb meals.

When I was diagnosed with Insulin Resistance, the doc told me I should seriously think about trying out Atkins but I resisted because I've never heard anything good about Atkins...but in the past few months I've been getting sicker and sicker every time I eat high carb meals. :(
I won't say HOW i'm getting sick - just that I get sick.

So yesterday I signed up on the Atkins website and tomorrow - once bookstores are open again (I don't think they are today plus i'm not feeling great from last night, lol) - I'm getting the book and starting immediately.

I'm also going to start going back to the gym again and keeping track of that on

I know it won't be easy - and I know I won't be as "obsessive" as I used to be...but I will do my best because, damnit - I'm SICK AND TIRED of being sick!

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