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28 January 2009

SNOW DAY!!!!!!!

wow - well there's 11 inches of snow outside right now and it's STILL snowing!!!!

yeah...i helped Dan get his car out of the driveway today - but my car is in the garage...and the snow on the actual driveway - in front of the garage - yeah i'm NOT shoveling that to get out today.

i called in to work - SNOW DAY!!!! i probably need a day off anyways - i have some awesome books I really want to read that I got from the library and haven't had the time to sit down and even start them yet:

"GOOD CALORIES / BAD CALORIES" by Gary Taubes & "SUGAR SHOCK" that i want to read as well.

I'm gonna take some pictures of this snow as our "first snow in our first house".

prolly post again later and post some pics too. later!!! :)

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