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27 January 2009

SOOOOO pissed at myself. :(

This is the post I posted on the atkinsdietbullitenboard...


I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO mad at myself right now.

I have ALWAYS been one to read ingredients lists - even before I started atkins - when I was on weight watchers or when I was just doing it "on my own" - i ALWAYS read ingredients lists (along with the nutritional information)...

But now I know why it has been 25 days and I ONLY lost 5 pounds my first week on atkins and haven't lost anything since. I am so mad, i want to cry...

BUT before I tell you why - I will say that the second I saw this, I threw the bottle out in the trash - no questions asked, even though the bottle was still pretty full and I hate "wasting" food...I didn't care - out in the trash it went this morning.

So before i even started atkins, I've ALWAYS looked at the ingredients list to make sure that what i'm buying does NOT contain ANY type of corn syrup - especially High Fructose Corn Syrup...

But yup - what was right there smack dab in the middle of the ingredients list of my wal-mart brand mayonnaise? yup - you guessed it. HFCS - or as I like to call it POISON!!!!!!!!!!

I don't know how or why I missed reading the ingredients when I first bought this (and, btw, this is my second bottle of this type of mayo this month) - but I am sooooooooooo mad and upset.

If this is the reason why I haven't lost anything, than I accept my mistake and understand why I haven't lost more than those first 5 pounds that first week.

But believe me - that POISON is absolutely OUT of my house and I am going to read EVERY SINGLE INGREDIENT of everything I buy now.

Which, again - I usually do - but for some reason I just didn't on this item - it has 0 g carbs/0 g sugar - but i just didn't look at the ingredients. :(


It's funny - those stupid commercials for HFCS - trying to convince everyone that it's "good" for you because it's the same, nutritionally as sugar - HA!!!! just because it's 'natural' doesn't mean it's healthy. Cocaine is 'natural' - marijauna is 'natural' - tobacco is 'natural' - yet NONE of that is "good" for you...and those commercials - the person saying it's "bad" doesn't know why - well, here's why:

Sugar spikes the insulin in your body. When you're Diabetic or Insulin Resistant (such as I am) - this is a VERY BAD THING because when insulin is spiked, it over-compensates for that extra insulin and it gets stored as fat in your body. When you eat any type of sugar - be it table sugar, HFCS, fructose, glucose, any type - you get hungrier and once your insulin spikes and CRASHES - you want more. It really is just like any other drug - you eat it - you need more - it's a never ending cycle. Just like when a smoker has a cigarrette and has tobacco in their system - it just makes you want more...

anywhoo - this is just a lesson learned and at least I found out now instead of 2, 4 or 6 months into this. it's OUT of my house FOREVER!

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