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25 January 2009

sunday 25/January/2009 - revisited...

ok, so I know I posted today already, but I just feel like posting again! lol

well - today was one of those absolutely "blah" days. Dan and I woke up around 1 p.m. and literally laid around in the living room until around 5 p.m. when I finally decided it was time to go grocery shopping. I really DID want to go to the gym - but I did't. In fact I just didn't do ANYTHING except for the grocery shopping today.

So that's ok. It's one day. Tomorrow is the start of a new work week and tomorrow night I'll hit the gym.

I'm going to start and try something new with my eating journal...I'm going to try and include at the end of "TOTAL FOR THE DAY" where all my carbs actually came from, as per vegees. Technically I'm supposed to have about only 3 cups of vegees a day, but I'm supposed to have at LEAST 12 - 15 of my carbs for the day come from vegees. So that only leaves me 5 - 8 carbs left from meats/cheeses.

so we will see. :)

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