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25 January 2009

Sunday 25/January/2009 - back up 2.5

We had our housewarming party on this night and while I didn't touch any alcohol, pita bread, or anything else that would have been in the absolute "no" category, I had:

1. some chicken wings

2. some meatballs (no breadcrumbs)

3. vegees (celery, broccoli, cauliflower)

4. a LOT of spinach artichoke dip (which apparantly was made of ONLY cream cheese, spinach & artichokes)

5. chicken fingers (removed all breading)

6. blue cheese dressing

So I did not write down what I had. I am starting brand new/fresh this morning, Sunday 25/January/2009.

I honestly don't think I did TOO bad - as I didn't overly stuff myself to where I felt miserable (which I normally do at parties) - and we had a FABULOUS turn out too. It was great!

Now, I got on the scale this morning and yesterday it said 189.5 whereas today it said 191.0.

I'm ok with that, for now - since last night I know I wasn't induction friendly (specially with the dip).

But I'm rearin' and ready to go today. I'm back on track and will be doing induction to a "T" as much as possible. :)

rules for this week:

1. I will NOT get on the scale until next saturday.

2. I will go to the gym at LEAST 3 (if not 4) times this week.

3. NO FRUIT OR SEEDS whatsoever. Induction foods only.

Plus, I have the two books waiting for me at the library right now, "SUGAR SHOCK" by Connie Bennet & "GOOD CALORIES, BAD CALORIES" by Gary Taubes. These are two books that Jimmy Moore talks about and I think they will help me educate myself EVEN MORE on why I need to be doing this for life. I also have another book on hold, but i'm in "line" for it at the library. I can't wait to read these books, but of course this branch of the library isn't open today (sunday) so I will have to wait until tomorrow.

Well, I'm off as my fiance is CRAVING a baconater from wendy's and I myself am thinkin' that sounds pretty darn good. :)
That and a side caesar salad.

later all!

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