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24 January 2009

189.5!! :) but we'll see...

Ok - so this morning I woke up and I'm absolutely I get on the scale and it FINALLY said 189.5!! woohoo!! Course, I'm not going to go by that just yet - but it IS nice to see that number - ya know?
I'm not going by it yet mainly because I can tell I've got nothing in my body right now.

But it IS nice to see that number! :)

Tonight is our housewarming party (finally after 2 1/5 months! lol) - but we're making chicken wings (which i can have!!!) we'll have a cheese ball and tons of vegees...and my best friend is bringing her stuffed mushrooms, with some that won't have any breadcrumbs, just for me. :)

The party starts at 5 so hopefully I can get to the gym this afternoon after we've cleaned up and made sure the house is "perfect" for everyone...

But yeah - I've decided to give induction another full 2 weeks as this past week (technically my first rung of owl) I cheated and had peaches & sunflower seeds. :(

But I WILL do this and this time I'll do it "right". :)

that's all for now! latahz!

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