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19 January 2009

"Allergic to Sugar?"

Ok - so It has now been 17 days that I have been on atkins. One thing that I have noticed is that my appetite has gone down very low. I'm just NOT as hungry as I used to be - in fact I used to feel hungry alllll day long - and now it really is only when my body says I'm hungry - not just my brain.

It is hard to stay away from sugar, still, mainly because it's more mental than anything. The fact that - for the past 29 years of my life, I've enjoyed MANY sugary foods - cookies, cake, candy bars, etc...etc...and I LOVE the way they TASTE. However - now that I've been learning to live low-carb and really educating myself ON living low carb - I really am beginning to wonder if I'm "allergic" to sugar.

Now, I don't get an "allergic reaction" such as breaking out or anything like that - but having Insulin Resistance keeps me from processing carbs & sugar the way "normal" people do (course, what is 'normal' anymore anyways?).

I've been listening to the podcasts of Jimmy Moore's now (livinlavidalowcarb) for the past 2 weeks - and he's had MANY interviews with doctors and specialists talking about low carb living and I'm seriously beginning to feel like I AM "allergic". When I eat sugar or high carb foods, granted my brain and even taste buds are happy - but the rest of my body is not.

I've been overweight most of my life, with a few stints here and there where I DID lose weight on low-fat diets, only to gain it all back.

The past few years, while I haven't been "perfect" - I've been eating the way I was taught with the weight watchers program - low fat, high carbs, high fiber. Now - granted, weight watchers IS fabulous program for those who's bodies can handle high carb foods and who CAN do low fat.
But - after years of struggling and feeling like I was eating "right" - eating whole grains, low fat, etc...I've come to realize that this 29 year old body WASN'T eating right. Not for the physics of my body anyways.

Now - as far as living low-carb / high-fat - I am still a bit confused as to what is "healthy" anymore - mainly because for SOOOO long I've been told how "low-fat" is the way to go and how "high-fat" is BAD for you.

And now that I AM living low-carb / high-fat - all the podcasts I've been listening to and the board I frequent ( and the atkins book is telling me differently.

Who do I believe? Well - even though low-fat HAS worked for me in the past - knowing that I've TRIED AND TRIED AND TRIED to lose weight on high-carb, low-fat diets and yet I CAN'T lose any weight doing it that way anymore - I guess it's now just trial and error. The only thing I guess I CAN do is try something new and see if this DOES work. right?

The last time I went to the doctor (in December) - she kept re-iterating to me "low-carb. low-carb." So I figure she MUST know something I don't. She told me to make another appointment in about 6 months or so after I've lost some more weight (only if I do low-carb, of course) and we'll get my blood work re-done.

That is one reason I'm doing this. I NEED that "goal" sorta thing - such as like when I was in school and I'd do homework to get to that graduation date - I need that goal of getting to the doctor's and having her tell me that I did things right.

I'm the type of person that needs that re-iteration and praise that what I'm doing IS good/right whatever you want to say. :)

Plus - damnit - my wedding is in 18 months. If I can just get back down to 160 (30 more pounds) in 18 months I would be SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy. :)

Oh well - that is all - I will write more later.

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