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18 January 2009

Induction is "done"...for now - on to "OWL" (ongoing weight loss)

well - technically I've made it through the 2 week induction and I've lost 5 pounds (196 to 191) - i'm VERY happy with that loss - and I know part of me should continue with what is called "extended induction" - but I think i'm going to go ahead and add fruit back in this week. Just a little - just some raspberries and blueberries. and only 3 days this week.
Even though the "OWL" (ongoing weight loss) rung for fruit is like 4 weeks away - I seriously feel like I need some - but I'm going to be good and ONLY have berries (very low in carbs and high in fiber).

this week I will also be working out again - last week I didn't since it was TOM. I am also hiding my scale! I promise myself I will NOT get on that scale until next saturday.

I'm also changing up my breakfast. Instead of scrambled eggs (which I'm seriously sick and tired of. :( - I'm gonna have fried eggs (only 3 instead of 4).

I commit to go do 4 days of cardio and 3 days of weight training this week.

Hopefully I'll see another loss next saturday! :)

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