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17 January 2009

Saturday 17/January/2009

so i went to the gym today...and i did a chest & arms workout (no cardio)...and halfway through i started feeling sick so i had to cut my workout short (i'd say i got about 90% in though) - but I 'ran' to the bathroom and left.

i went and bought myself a salad - came home and ate it - but the headache wouldn't go away. so i fell asleep and when i woke up (about 3 hour nap) i got up and still felt i HAD to have some sort of sugar and I did NOT want to 'cheat' and have a cookie (although it did look tempting!) but i didn't - and instead I had some natural peanut butter & sugar free jelly - which seems to be helping - but now I'm sitting here - it's almost 9 o'clock and i'm just NOT hungry.

I HAVE to continue this low carb life - because I trust my doctor and she's the one who told me to go on it - and with all that i've read and listened to so far, I do NOT want to end up diabetic, which runs in my family and I'm "pre-diabetic" and pretty much in line for it. :(

as much as i miss sugar and some specific things (such as sushi) - i reallllly want to follow this through and really make it my lifestyle - and it'll be a few weeks until I can have fruit again - but i'm almost wondering if i should go ahead and add it back in to see if it helps.

anyways - we shall see. ttyl!

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