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16 January 2009

Friday 16/January/2009

well - today there's really not a lot to blog about...I'm still weighing in at 191.0 - but i'm STILL in the middle of TOM too. I'm wondering - having had NO sugar if that's why TOM is a little longer than normal?...

anyways - because TOM is here I haven't exercised since Monday. I just don't exercise during this week.

things are going good though - i can definitely tell that my body IS changing - i HAVE lost 5 pounds and my jeans ARE looser. :)

even though the weight # hasn't gone down - i am VERY happy that I've given up the sugar and carbs - however, at the same time part of me IS mentally missing the sugar...i don't even think it's cravings - I think it's more just mentally saying - "you know, you've eaten sugar all your life and it hasn't physically KILLED you...and you know it won't ACTUALLY kill you...go on have a bit" but I know I can't. It's NOT healthy and while I won't drop dead from eating a cookie - if i keep eating sugar the way i used to - it will eventually kill me because i WILL eventually become diabetic if i DON'T stop eating sugar.

this is just as much a MENTAL journey as it is a physical one.

i really hope i get to that point when i look at sugar and it just absolutely disgusts me - but we'll see.

oh well that is all for now.

more later!

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