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15 January 2009

feelin' guilty (for about a minute) then feelin' FABULOUS!

OK - so last night we went to BW3's (like we do on a weekly basis) - and last week I did good - had a bunless black and blue burger and a caesar salad...

well last night I had 12 wings with medium sauce (only 1 g carb per tbsp and no sugar) and a side salad with blue cheese dressing.

well, the "guilty" feelings came last night after we got home and I was lyin' around still feelin' a little full from dinner and I started thinkin' "man, i really messed up - i shouldn't have had WINGS!!! not on a 'diet'"....

but then i stopped myself and remembered - actually, I CAN have wings - in fact, wings are almost ENCOURAGED - skin and all! now, the sauce wasn't induction legal at all - but again, it only had 1 g carb per tbsp and NO i got over those feelings pretty quickly.

then - this morning - well my weight really hasn't moved too much (i'm in the middle of TOM right now) - but I put on my jeans (which were a size big when i bought them to begin with) and the belt i've been wearing with them and instead of the 2nd set of holes - I HAD to go to the THIRD set of holes in the belt!!! I can't tell you how AWESOME that made me feel this morning!! :)

I know it's only been two weeks - and part of me feels like, "man, i've ONLY lost 5 pounds"...but the other way I'm looking at it is this: Had I NOT started atkins and I'd have KEPT trying the low-fat high-carb thing that I've always known - i could almost guarantee that I would NOT have lost even those 5 (and who knows - maybe have gained?!) and I definitely would NOT have been able to go down a set of holes in my belt.

I CAN do this. I WILL do this. I MUST do this for life.

Sugar and carbs are - unfortunately - the enemy for me. I DON'T need that sugar I used to eat. and the "good carbs" such as beans, whole grains and fruits - WILL eventually be re-introduced into my diet - but for now I'm staying in induction.


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