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16 July 2009

169 lbs. July 2009

Wow. So my scale FINALLY says 169.0 lbs.

Sometimes I thought I'd never see that number again. It is absolutely amazing to me - the past 7 months - I've NEVER felt like I was "dieting" because there's never been a time where I was STARVING because I was only allowed so many calories during the day and didn't want to "go over"...I haven't been KILLING myself at the gym with cardio just to "burn off" the reeses peanut butter cups...

It is seriously incredibly amazing to me that THIS is the way to eat. It's funny too - I'm really reading up on REAL foods / WHOLE foods - that aren't chemically know - the way people are SUPPOSED to eat...and the fact that it's SO easy - SO good for you and SO delicious - I'm almost pissed at myself that I didn't start this YEARS ago.

I know that one thing that will help me in the future NOT to gain back and yo-yo ever again is the understanding and knowledge that all those packaged foods out there - twinkies, pop tarts, oreos, 100 calorie snack packs and yes - even my beloved reeses peanut butter cups are for the most part pure chemicals!

It does suck sometimes cuz I know how GOOD those things tasted - but I've seriously gotten to the point now where I do NOT want to put ANYTHING chemical like that in my body!

Not only do I KNOW for an absolute FACT that I WILL weigh 160 pounds again - I also know that I will NEVER weigh 200 pounds (not including pregnancy weight)...but even then - I only plan on gaining the "recommended" 25 pounds - if that!

Plus - as much as part of me thinks I miss those packaged foods - the truth is I don't crave them at all any more. AND it's really opened me up to learn how to make my own healthier concoctions from almond flour and coconut flour.

I haven't made my own peanut butter cups yet but I do plan on doing those things when I get closer to my goal weight - to make sure that my body can handle real organic chocolate.

There is a new chocolate I've been eating (sssh don't tell anyone on the atkins board, lol) - but I found this INCREDIBLE dark chocolate truffle made with omega 3's at Whole Foods - and there's 4 truffles per package - I'm able to only eat ONE at a time...and it's like 4 carbs per truffle! :) and OMG do I savor every last bite. It's SOOOO good!

I also know that - once I'm in 'maintenance' I WILL eat bread again - which I'm looking forward to - but I also know I should NOT have bread at breakfast, lunch AND dinner.

plus - i LOVE my almond flour pancakes i make...and my home made jelly... :)

low-carb does NOT mean eggs, meat and cheese for the rest of my life. it means making SMART choices for my body that I know my body can physically handle.

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