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24 July 2009

each and every pound, now, is a celebration!!!!

wow. ok - so on tuesday of this week I had ear surgery done. I had a HUGE hole in half of my ear drum that needed repairing as well as all this scar tissue that needed I had that done on Tuesday.

Tuesday morning, at the hospital - I weighed in at 170.4 lbs - that's cool - I was good with that. :)
After my surgery - the nurses fed me apple sauce and sprite...yeah - i know i'm obsessing since i'm actually bringing that UP - but it's almost like a force-fed cheat. lol - but in all honesty it wasn't a big deal.

That afternoon when I got home, my mom (who'd been here with me and my fiance for the surgery) - went to go get my medication from the pharmacy and I asked her to go ahead and get me a sandwich from Jimmy Johns - yes - bread and all.
And so I had my FAVORITE JJ's sandwich - Beach Club - and enjoyed every bite of it! Now, granted, I did NOT eat any chips - which, in the past, I would have...
But it's seriously been over 7 months or longer that I've had Jimmy Johns - which I used to be addicted to! :)

That night I was good - and just had a steak caesar salad from O Charley's (no croutons)...

All was good the next day - wednesday - I weighed in at 171...ok - understandable

Wednesday night, however, my fiance REALLY wanted the new Tagalong blizzard from Dairy he went and got a large and (gasp, confession time) I shared a bit of it with him...

So yesterday morning - Thursday - I weighed in at 173!!! ACK!!!!

So yesterday I go right back on track and this morning - 168. whew!

Now - I know that there's TONS of reasons why my weight goes up and down and up and down. And I know I should NOT be concerned if one day it's just a little higher (as long as it doesn't keep GOING higher EVERY day...).

It's funny - Dan (fiance) tells me NOT to scale hop every day - which is what a lot of other people say too - but for me, I NEED to. I NEED to keep myself in check to make sure that I'm NOT going up and up and up...when I'm NOT obsessing over the scale - my weight creeps up and before I know it, I'm at 200 pounds again.

I am *sooooooooo* close to 160 again it's awesome!

I have a pair of slacks in my closet - from when I weighed 160 - that I have been longing over for YEARS since I first weighed 160 and could wear them...and then started gaining back when I could no longer wear they've been sitting there - staring at me - saying, "wear me...wear me..."
Well - I tried them on this morning - and O-MY-FREAKING-GOSH!!!!!! they actually pulled up and I was able to button them!!!!!! NOW - they were just a little tight - but seriously - maybe 5 more pounds and I can wear them again!!!!

I also pulled down all of my skinny jeans out of the attic the other day - and every single one of them - INCLUDING my favorite pair of "ass-jeans" (you know, the ones that make your ass look incredible!) which are a size 11 in juniors - fit like the old friends they are!

I'm just in absolute awe. THIS is how I'm supposed to live. THIS is how I'm supposed to eat (low-carb) and I will NEVER EVER EVER be at an unhappy weight again!

Now - due to my surgery I'm not allowed to exercise for a while. :(
BUT that doesn't mean I can't take walks (which I plan on doing til I can go back to the gym).
I WILL absolutely maintain (if not lose a bit more) before I DO go back to the gym - and once I'm back there - it'll FINALLY be time to tone up and focus on weight training.

Now, in all seriousness - ONCE I do get down to 160 pounds again - if I never lose anything else and stick at that for the rest of my life I'd be ecstatic. HOWEVER just the idea that I could actually weigh UNDER 160 is beyond my comprehension.

I'm turning 30 years old next month. All of my 20's was up and down and up and down on that freakin' scale. All of my 20's was also about finding out who I was and where I wanted to be with my life. And here I am - one month before I turn the big 30 and now that I've finally FOUND all those things
  • ~I've finally gotten my eating habits under control and I know how to live a healthy life.
  • ~I've finally found the most incredible man, and we're getting married, and we have an AWESOME house with our AWESOME dogs and we're planning on kids after the wedding...
  • ~I've finally found the most AWESOME job (well, have had this for a while, lol) but I've also gotten a promotion to a job I have wanted for some time now...
And I must say - I pray and thank God every single day for all the blessings he's instilled in my life.

- Now that I've finally found all these things - I only have one thing to say about turning 30...

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