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06 July 2009

July 2009

So last night, Monday 06/July I did yoga - for the SECOND NIGHT IN A ROW! :)

Sunday night I did Bob's Fat Burn Yoga (The Biggest Loser)
& last night I did a crunch yoga DVD.

I am actually starting to miss working out. I decided to put my gym membership on hold until September due to my ear surgery this month. But during this time, I'm going to really start researching new weight training routines so that once I'm good to go for exercise I will be set & ready!

I know, for me, I'm actually excited that once I start exercising again, MOST of my weight will have already been banished forever...and I actually FEEL like weight training will DO something for me. So I'm def. looking forward to getting back in the gym. Til then though...and at LEAST for the next two weeks til my surgery - I will be doing yoga. :)

Also - another thing - it's funny too...but in the past I was never one to take vitamins. Ever since starting Atkins, however, I've started a decent regimen of vitamins...but for the next two weeks I can not take ANY vitamins and really am only allowed to take my prescribed Metformin & my BC pills...and i'm even supposed to stop the metformin 5 days before surgery.

SO that also means I can't have that new whey protein shake I made the other day (which sucks cuz MAN is it yummy!)
And - I've also found a few new supplements I'd like to try - but again - nothing til at least 2 weeks after until then - research, research, research! :)

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