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10 August 2009

a hearing aid, a sunburn and a fish. :P

Ok - so this isn't a weight loss post (my blog, doesn't have to be about it allll the time! hehe). But yeah - so as I posted recently, I had a tympanoplasty and a mastoidechtomy done on my right ear. It's still in the healing process and tomorrow is my next post-op appointment to see how it's healing.

My left ear - on the other hand - it's technically "healed" from last year's surgery of removing the tube that was still in the ear drum - and everything is "normal" in that ear - except for the hearing. I have hearing loss in both ears and this year I got the go-ahead from my ear doc to look into getting a hearing aid.

Well after a few run-arounds of trying to figure out whether or not my insurance would pay for the hearing aid (which it does not) - I got in contact with an INCREDIBLE service called Vocational Rehabilition. They were absolutely WONDERFUL and last thursday I got my very first hearing aid. It is a God Send. Seriously - This has got to be the most incredible invention known to man. I really didn't realize how seriously deaf I really am :(. So I picked it up Thursday afternoon and Friday, at work - it was just absolutely incredible. I could converse with people and NOT have to ask them "huh? sorry - could you repeat yourself???!!!" I absolutely LOVE having a hearing aid. :)

Now - Sunday we (me and my fiance) were invited out to go boating/fishing with a friend from work and her fiance. It was SO fun! Dan and I brought along our golden retreiver, Chloe - and we had a BLAST! Normally, our Pug, Petey, is the spoiled on - going places with us - but we knew that he wouldn't have fun and would be more of a nuisance. Chloe, on the other hand - was soooo happy and behaved so well. It was great. We also got her into the lake - which she had a BLAST in. So we went fishing - which I have NEVER done in my life. Well, ok - my mom swears I went when I was like 4 - but c'mon that was 26 years ago and I barely remember 2 years ago! lol. But Dan is into fishing - he's gone a few times this year by himself - and he was excited to go fishing with me, to see how I'd fend. Well - I must say I actually did pretty well for myself! I learned how to bait the hook by myself, cast the line - and I even caught fish like 6 times (we found a spot on the lake which was full of little striped bass - Dan swears that catching fish like that is a fluke and NORMALLY you catch ONE in a 4 hour period, if you're lucky - not one every time you cast your line! lol). But it was really fun - I must admit I enjoyed myself. Here's a picture of the very first fish I've ever caught in my life:


Now - on Saturday I had helped Dan take down a tree in our back yard - and I don't know if it was from that - or an allergic reaction of something, but I broke out on my face something of course - Sunday, when we were out fishing, I had sprayed my body with SPF50 to make sure I didn't get burned...well - even though I sprayed myself 3 times - i still got a few stripes here and there. One of my thigh (weird stripe) - one on the top of each foot - and on both shoulder blades on my back. AND of face. So on top of breaking out on my face - I now have a sunburn too. It sucks. Hydrocortisone is my new best friend! lol. :P
So anyways - yup that was my weekend!

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