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10 October 2009

A good saturday & I <3 Sam's Club!!!

I had such a wonderful day today!

First - we had our most fabulous new washing machine delivered!!! When we moved into the house last year, we were 'blessed' with the house coming with ALL appliances...problem was - most of them were/are like 30some years old...we already replaced the nasty fridge with a beautiful side by side about 2 months ago...we still need to replace the dishwasher (but it does work for now. There was a washer & dryer in the basement - we got rid of the dryer immediately upon moving in as we had just bought a new dryer a year before while living in the apartment (had a washer that worked)...and got rid of that washer as it was pooping out on us, and we didn't want to drag it down the basement stairs in the anywhoo - the washer that the house came with - started pooing out oil in the past couple of months, all over the floor (we need to really clean the floor) and we finally bought a new one the other night!
I'm usually not one to do the laundry (which he hates that I don't...) but I did ALL the laundry today and I LOVE this new machine! It's big enough to put our comforter in! whoohoo!

Then my fiance and I went to Menards and FINALLY got a new storm/screen door for our breezeway. Both doors in the breezeway needed/need to be replaced. We were only able to afford one - but we fixed the one that was the worst right now. Seriously - the door we replaced was falling apart and the screen had so many holes - and there wasn't a glass/storm window with the screen. it sucked. But that door is gone and the new one is AWESOME!!! :D
And I have to add that my incredible fiance spent alll afternoon installing it for me instead of watching his football! lol. :D

After we went to Menards, we went to Sam's club (right next door to Menards)...we've decided to finally really USE our deep freezer and try to stock up on meat when we can. I don't like the fact that I'm buying from Sam's - due to the fact that I'd MUCH rather eat all grass-fed beef/meat all the time - but we are on a strict budget and Sam's does have good prices on their I am turning a blind eye to knowing what commercialized meat goes through. :(

HOWEVER - that being said - I am SO happy with the amount of meat we bought today!
Ground Beef - about 6 pounds for about $14
Pork Chops - got about 14 big size chops for about $14 (these were on special)
Chicken - got about 8 big breasts for $10
Eye of Round Steaks - got 6 of these for $13
Spinach & Asiago Cheese Sausages - 18 for $9

So yeah - $60 for all that meat!!! And I LOVE having my food saver. Came straight home and portioned everything out into bags for the freezer.

This should hopefully last us about a month and a half! :D

Ok - that is all more later! :D

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