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02 October 2009

Just a quick post - Friday 02/Oct/2009

Ok - so my last post was about all the whining I just felt I needed to get outta my body - lol. :)

This is a quick post to say that I am going to really start making sure I've got "convenience" foods (so to say) for this WOE so that I will make sure I have "easy" pick up and go lunches for work.

My thing is - due to the amount of people my company has hired as of lately - there's been a huge problem with parking. There's a 'remote' parking lot we can park at but I don't like to. I used to get here at 8:30 (left house at 8) and work til 5.

Now, though, i have to make sure to leave by 7:30 or else I don't get a parking spot where I want to...the PRO of this is that I also get to leave by 4:30 p.m. - but the con is I HATE waking up early in the morning! If I could just literally get up, get dressed and leave - I would!

But - I have to feed the cat (she eats in the basement)...get dressed...make breakfast...and try to have something ready to brown bag for lunch. If I don't - I usually end up spending $$$ at the cafeteria (and I'm just sick and tired of their food cuz it's always the same and I only have so many options there being low carb...most everything on the main line is fried carbage.)

SO. Normally - in the past, before finding this fabulous new woe - I was TOTALLY into convenience foods. Lean Cuisines & Smart Ones were my lifesaver! If not those then grab a sandwich and baked chips.

I've tried to have leftovers from the night before - but since I'm trying to save $$ on dinners I normally don't make enough. (I need to figure out something here, make more than needed at night...)

But one thing I TOTALLY miss are my sandwiches...I've tried the fabulous Chleocatra's OOPSIE rolls...Oopsie Rolls on Low Carb Friends

But they just don't turn out the way I want them to. :( (need more trials! lol)

I honestly didn't realize that this recipe came from the ORIGINAL Atkins Revolution Rolls. I will be trying these and posting how they come out.
Here's the link:
Atkins Diet Revolution Rolls

But I'm hoping, if I can get mine to turn out right - that these would be GREAT to have on hand for sandwiches at lunch time. The chips - now that's still something I need to figure out...

Another recipe I MUST try is one I found on the boards for Country Fried Steak.

I will let you know how these turn out! :D

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