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04 October 2009

Revolution Rolls, L-Glutamine & Fish Oil.

Ok, so I tried making the Atkins Revolution rolls again and they just don't turn out the way I want them to. :(
when I finally DO figure it out, I will post pics. :P

So - this week I have decided to try and hit the gym 4 out of the 5 work-days this week.
I have a jar of L-Glutamine powder I need to use, as it has been known to help with weight loss. That, and - I need to keep on with really taking my fish oil day and night too.

I weighed in this morning at 165.5 and I am still in my size 12's. I have 5.5 pounds to go to get to my goal and I just want to be in those size 10's SO bad. It's been about 2.5 months now that I've been going between 165 and 169 and now it's time to start my weight moving again. So we shall see! :P

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