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19 November 2009

Doctor's Appointment...and turkey day at work!

So yesterday morning I went to my doc's appointment. I talked to her about doing a sleep study as well as what was going on with my feet / RLS, etc...

The nurse practitioner is the one I spoke to and she totally agreed that she thinks it's RLS (restless leg syndrome) as well. When I started telling her about my sensitive feet, however, she actually told me she thinks I may be iron deficiant or anemic. I had never thought about THAT before - but once I started doing a bit of research, it makes a LOT of sense! They took three vials of blood and she is doing a lot of tests on them to find out A. my CBC (complete blood count) to see if I truly am anemic (which she really thinks I am) as well as my Lipid panel (cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL, LDL, etc...), she's checking my Vitamin D levels and my thyroid as well. I am excited to get all the information back as I'd like to know what all these levels are! (yeah, I'm a nerd like that - lol) course, it's funny because my job entails dealing with all of this stuff so to have them ordered ON me and finally learn what they are - I think it's cool.

So. She also totally agreed that a sleep study would be a great thing to do and they were SUPPOSED to call me back yesterday and tell me when they had scheduled it - as it's SUPPOSED to be scheduled for either tomorrow night or saturday night...and it's driving me nuts right now because it's 3:30 Thursday and they STILL haven't called! I called and left a message - so I REALLY hope they call me back tonight. I just want to do this sleep study SO bad now and hope they can give me SOMETHING to aleviate this damned RLS at night! The last few nights I haven't used ANYTHING to try and sleep and I can't tell you how AWFUL the sleep has been. :(

I literally toss and turn so much it's like when you see a cartoon fish out of it's water bowl - flipping / flopping back and forth on the table...yeah - that's me only it's every single night while I'm in bed! YOU try sleeping like that! :(

There are meds out there that are supposed to really help with this and some people SWEAR by them. I just want to sleep, damnit!

So yeah. anyways. I'm just getting antsy right now. The office IS open til 7 p.m. tonight so they still have a while to call today - but if I don't hear, I'll try again in the morning as I REALLY want to get this rolling and do this this weekend!

Now - as far as the test results - I know those can take a few days. HOPEFULLY I get them tomorrow sometime - but I know it could be Monday or Tuesday before I receive them. I don't WANT to be anemic, by any means - but if I am it will totally explain a LOT.

For example - my feet. My feet are SO incredibly sensitive that I absolutely REFUSE to let anyone touch them. Just the THOUGHT of someone touching them makes my skin crawl. My fiance is always WANTING to give me a foot rub as he LOVES having his own rubbed - but I always tell him - he goes near my feet and I will kick him. They fall asleep on a daily basis (usually when I'm driving)...and that is also a sign of anemia. One thing I really need to start watching is crossing my legs. It's not a good thing to do anyways - and with my issues, it makes them worse. But I could cross (and uncross just to cross the other side...) all day! It'll be a very hard habit to break. So yeah. We shall see!


So small blurb - but today we had a pitch in at work for Turkey Day next week. And I must say I did FABULOUS!!! I stuck to the meat - turkey & ham - and had a few deviled eggs, some raw vegees, some cheese ball, green beans - and while there was a huge table of desserts - I brought in my own Low-Carb, Sugar-Free Pumpkin Spice Cake bites (made them in a muffin pan) and oooooh was it yummy!

So yeah! I just wanted to share that Turkey Day CAN be done low-carb!

Course, the REAL challenge will be the REAL turkey day at his family's next week... :)

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