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02 November 2009

quick 5-HTP update...

ok - just wanted to post this real I've been taking the 5-HTP now for a week in hopes it will help my insomnia.

I think I am stopping it though...twice now, in the past week, I have had little anxiety attacks. Last night it was really bad...I was just sitting there watching TV with my fiance and all of a sudden it hit and I started having these horribly uncomfortable, unsettling and aweful thoughts racing through my head. I almost started shaking and just felt totally off.

so I googled 5-HTP side effects and came across some sites where people had this same issue. I really HATED the thoughts that were racing in my mind and hated the way I's not worth it just to try and get a full night's rest when I can use valerian root.

From everywhere I've read - this stuff really works for a LOT of people - and more power to them - but as far as me and MY experiment goes...yeah. Stopping the 5-HTP.

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